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Eight clues why Australian companies are worth noticing

If you think that Australia is a faraway backwater country, you couldn't be farther from the truth. Australian businesses do not only use the most advanced technological solutions, they create innovations that can push the rest of the world forward in its tech and business development.
Here are only some of the brightest examples of why the companies of this country deserve worldwide recognition.

Innovative lifesaving tech

Planet Innovation has consistently stayed among the leaders of the Australian product developers. This year, it released a device called Nplex. It’s a reader that allows to diagnose infectious diseases and create a real-time geographical map based on the collected data.

This outstanding piece of innovation can help contain and control epidemics of infectious diseases. It will also help a great number of people get diagnosed in time to start a more effective treatment.

Effective apps that make life better

Australian businesses have embraced the art of creating applications that facilitate a variety of tasks. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was particularly innovative in creating a piece of software that helps homebuyers.

Their app offers diverse financial research features combined with a traditional property search. It enables people to find homes they can truly afford and gives accurate estimates of all the costs involved.

Creative small business marketing strategy

With businesses getting more competitive, Australian marketing agencies come up with new creative ways to give their clients an edge. Today you can find more than one web design, app creation, strategy development, and SEO Sydney agency that can provide you with a comprehensive marketing package. Companies combine all these tools to create innovative approaches to business promotion.

Their strategies evolve along with Google’s protocols. This allows Australian digital marketing companies to create websites that are noticed in the extremely fast-changing world of online searches. As a result of their success, a great number of innovative Australian small businesses get recognition worldwide.

Virtual courier service

The Australian postage system is definitely outdated, which is the reason why this innovation made such a hit. Sendle’s virtual courier service takes advantage of the excess capacity of courier networks. The system is scalable, efficient, and offers fast door-to-door delivery at a fraction of a cost compared to a post office.

Affordable solar energy

Australia is among the leaders in using solar panels, and now this clean energy will be even more affordable. Dyesol has recently patented chemicals that offer a cheaper alternative to the traditional perovskite solar cell configurations.

This technology is to be used not only in Australia as negotiations of exporting to Japan, Singapore, and other countries are already underway.

HCV treatment access programme

Hepatitis C is a dangerous virus and the Australian healthcare system can pride itself on having the highest diagnosis rate of HCV worldwide. However, only about 1-2% of diagnosed patients a year manage to receive treatment.

AbbVie Australia developed an innovative approach to the problem combining financial, tech, and medical strategies to develop a programme that allows early access to treatment at no cost, prior to reimbursement. This programme has already helped over 900 patients.

Thin twin roll casting

This is a casting innovation developed by CSIRO. It allows creating high-quality, thin, and light metal sheets that can be used in the auto-building industry. This casting technology not only allows for producing a higher quality material, it also helps reduce fuel consumption of a vehicle by making it much lighter.

Drones for facility inspections

Inspecting facilities for ammonia/ammonium nitrate is necessary, but it’s also costly. The CSBP’s inspection team managed to find a solution, which can protect the health of inspectors and increase cost-efficiency of the procedure. Their innovation introduced drones that took over the most dangerous parts of the inspection process, and the programme has saved over $250,000 during the first six months since its implementation.

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