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Four fun ways to end the year and resume business rejuvenated in 2018

It's December again, and for many companies, that signifies the end of another business or fiscal year. And for those who don't officially make it the end of a business year, they'll at least have a break for the holidays, to resume work in full throttle next year - 2018!
Whether it’s made official or not, workers resuming in the New Year will be doing so with the feeling and mindset of a fresh start. They’d feel like a phase was closed (2017) and another is opening (2018). They’d have new resolutions, goals, hopes and aspirations.

Every company better tap into this “transition” and make their workers feel they’re an active part of their transition. In fact, help them through it. One great way to go about this is to help staffers end the year in a fun and rewarding way. Here are four ideas you can get inspiration from:

1. Company retreat

Company retreats are either dreaded or celebrated, depending on the experience each worker gets from it. However, company retreats are supposed to be memorable events that balance work and fun. That’s when it becomes something workers look forward to in excitement.

Retreats take time to get planned, so if you don’t already have it in your calendar, it might be too late to make it an end of the year event – especially when you’re a big company. But if you’re running a relatively small business of just few workers, then you can still end 2017 for your workers with a fun retreat.

Discuss with other top employees and decide on a location, then involve the whole workforce in the planning of the event.

2. End-of- the-year party

All work and no play would definitely lead to burnout, and a dip in your workers’ productivity level. It’s therefore essential to give your company members an avenue to put work aside for a while and party away.

You can either have your party at a location you’d book beforehand, or bring the party right into the office. All you’ll need is some good music, some food and some drinks. You can arrange for music within the company or get a DJ – same as food; you can make it yourselves or hire a caterer.

For your drinks, you can buy wine online and get it delivered to the office.

3. Cooking classes

What if you did something a lot less common as your end-of- year event? How about taking the entire team to a restaurant that offers cooking classes?

This way, workers will get to create something together – which is great for team bonding – and also get to share (eat) the result of their collective effort. No feeling beats this: I can bet this event will be the most talked-about within the company for the next year.

4. Lunch

You don’t have to end the business year with a grand event. You can simply take your workers to lunch in a nice environment where you eat, play and plan for the year ahead. This can be combined with the last point, cooking classes. You’d make your own lunch together and later sit around the table to enjoy it – together!

There are dozens of other fun ways to end the year so that workers can resume work 2018 rejuvenated and excited. But my belief is that the four fun ways highlighted above are more than enough to get you a memorable end of the year event for your company.

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