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Poppy Ntshongwana joins Mix 93.8 FM

Poppy to up the ante at Mix 93.8 FM as popular presenter marks refreshed approach as station embarks on an enhancement adventure.

In its first programming step-change, popular Gauteng community radio station Mix 93.8 FM welcomes much-loved presenter Poppy Ntshongwana to its line-up from Monday, 8 April 2019. Poppy steps into the role as daily lunchtime host following a brief hiatus from radio. According to the station, this is the first step in a refreshed approach to programming that will see the station enhance, align and reimagine its on- and off-air product over the next few months.

“We are moving towards a more inclusive, audience and community-driven programming approach,” says GM Kudzayi Tiribabi. “Following months of research to better appreciate our listeners and our broadcast footprint, Mix 93.8 FM’s strategic impetus was shaped to match the needs of our current audience as well as build outward to attract growing numbers of listeners.” He adds that welcoming Poppy to the line-up manifests the station’s new approach. “Her popularity across all demographic groups along with an engaging on-air persona is a great match for the Mix 93.8 FM product.”

Ntshongwana spent more than a decade on commercial station 5FM, manages her own digital production company, Poppy Ntshongwana Communications, and is a popular DJ and MC on the circuit.

“Life is an adventure and radio is the catalyst for my passion. I am really looking forward to joining the Mix 93.8 FM family and positively contributing to the station’s vision while making lunchtime radio fun with great music, good content and the X-factor that has to date made Mix 93.8 FM such a popular choice on the airwaves,” says Poppy.

Tiribabi says that over the coming months the station will gain further momentum as it plans to continue upping the ante. “Across every aspect of the station there will be enhancements; some subtle and others really bold. But the bottom line is that over the next 12 months our plan will see Mix 93.8 FM come into its own as a radio station that informs, entertains and is even more embedded in the community that it serves. It is an exciting time for us, our listeners and our commercial partners.”

To stay up to date with the latest news and happenings in Johannesburg, tune into Mix 93.8 FM or visit the website to listen online:

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Mix 93.8 FM
Mix 93.8 FM is a community radio station which aims to entertain, inspire and inform through programming that reflects the diversity of the community.
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