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Massiv Metro throws its hat in the ring at the Liberty Radio Awards

The race is on as the Liberty Radio Awards get closer, and Massiv Metro is rallying for your 'X' to bring the award home.
Massiv Metro DJs

Each year, radio is spotlighted through the awards and nods are given to outstanding presenters, producers, news and sports readers and radio stations.

A panel of judges goes through the reams of submissions and together decide who the cream of the crop are, except for one award - the MY STATION award, which is in the hands of the listeners.

In keeping Rocking, Real and Relevant, Massiv Metro is hosting an all-day Vote-A-Thon on Friday, 8 March 2019 to bolster votes to take home the coveted award as voted for by the public.

"The vote-a-thon is a fantastic opportunity for everyone in South Africa, Africa and the world to know who Massiv Metro is," says Station Manager, Faith Mangope.

"It's time that people realise that there is a platform available that is rocking, real and relevant and the vote-a-thon is the perfect way to reach out to more people and touch more lives," she adds.

Massiv Metro is an urban radio station delivering authentic content and music to the commuter market in Johannesburg. The station's audience consists of taxi drivers, commuters, students, workers and community leaders. From early morning to late at night, commuters at taxi ranks and en route to their destinations are entertained with a mix of music and content that pleases their soul, speaks to their lifestyle and culture, appreciates their home language and communicates with sophistication, relevance and ease.

Massiv Metro is a 'positive vibes' station, real and in touch with conversations that resonate with the people. Massiv Metro celebrates African tradition, heritage and cultural relevance. This is a South African station, conscious of its position in Africa and appreciative of what makes Africa special.

To vote for Massiv Metro at the Liberty Radio Awards, all you have to do is log on to the Liberty Radio Awards website ( and vote Massiv Metro as your favourite station and you could stand a chance to win R40,000.

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It's Rocking.

It's Real.

It's Relevant.

It's Massiv Metro.

Sihamba Phansi.

Massiv Media's press office