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What you can expect under the care of complex administration

Living under the care of a complex administration company has several benefits to you as a tenant. This includes everything from dealing with things you may not have time for to providing services you may never have thought of to make complex living easy. Here are some of the things you can expect when living under the care of complex administration services.

The care of common properties

This is a big part of the reason many people choose to partake in complex living as part of their lifestyle. Common properties in a complex include things like the staircases, the gate, the pool, the gym and the gardens.

The care of these common properties should be taken care of by the body corporate or by managing agents for the body corporate. Choosing to make use of complex administration services is part of ensuring everything is running smoothly, especially when it comes to the functional spaces which residents share.

Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance, along with the supply and maintenance of the common properties, is what makes complex living so appealing. Numerous people in today’s economy work many, long hours a week and don’t have time for things like cutting the grass or overseeing repairs to the home.

If your pipe bursts in your kitchen while living in a complex the managing agents for the body corporate will have a plumber on speed dial, and they will oversee the plumbers visit to fix the problem – so you don’t have to rush home to handle it. Repairs and maintenance are often the responsibility of the complex as part of the property solutions on offer by the managing agents.

This means your day to day activities as a tenant are not interrupted by any maintenance that needs to take place. The care under offered by the complex administration company gives those living in the complex peace of mind knowing that any household and complex maintenance is well taken care of.


Another factor that makes complex living so attractive is the security measures implemented by the body corporate, or those hired to manage the administration of the complex. Living in a complex with ample security means that tenants have peace of mind knowing that their safety has been fully taken care of. This means the premises are kept safe around the clock and entry is closely monitored.

Contact us should you have any question regarding property solutions, body corporates managing agents, or complex administration and we will happily provide you with more information.

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