Augment your enterprise agility by attending the virtual Enterprise Agility World Conference 2021

Join the first-of-its-kind global conference on Enterprise Agility on 6 and 7 November 2021. Learn techniques to navigate and thrive today's exponential markets. EAWC 2021 is attended by up to 990 delegates, runs in two languages (English and Spanish) and has 50+ global speakers. You're invited.

The Enterprise Agility World Conference (EAWC) 2021 is the first world-class event to connect enterprise agility, organisational change and science. For many years, organisational change events have focused on frameworks, classic agility (2001) or business agility (2017). EAW believes that the future of companies also requires a scientific understanding of how to help people embrace exponential change in the marketplace, new practices and concepts, new ideas for leaders to align the business in record time, and new foundations to help change practitioners help individuals embrace new mindsets.

Enterprise agility requires skills and knowledge that go beyond classic agility (manifesto 2001) or business agility. From the perspective of Enterprise Agility University (EAU), business agility is the practices or ideas of classic agility that can be extended beyond software teams. Enterprise agility requires a different approach. Here, insights from different fields of knowledge such as neuroscience are required to understand what happens in the brain when people faces exponential change. It also requires understanding new social theories that enable people to connect and adapt differently.

New leadership approaches are also needed, such as the M Leadership Framework®, to enable people to lead when facing highly changing situations. At the same time, it is crucial to find new ways to structure companies so that individuals can feel safe and continue to develop their strengths.

The conference boasts 50 speakers from across the globe, together with capacity for 990 delegates in a state-of-the-art virtual conference event. This conference platform synthesis technology with visual appeal and rich networking capabilities to provide the participants with all the ingredients for rich social agility.

EAW Conference delegates can look forward to actionable take-aways, many free gifts, multiple new connections, and most important of all, actionable items to introduce immediately.

The conference's target audience includes CXX-levels, leadership from all areas in the business, human capital, change consultants, Agile coaches and practitioners, individuals facing transformation resistance, Scrum Masters, Agile team members, and anyone else in the organisation that wants to transform to an adaptive way-of-work.

Tickets can be booked at and we have a promotion code that you can grab off our website which provides you, the Bizcommunity reader, a 69% discount on conference tickets.

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