Roan Active announces Roan Active Certified Repair Centres

Roan Active understands the needs of our clients and the importance of ensuring their equipment is fully operational to avoid downtime and revenue loss. Roan Active is also fully aware of the growing pressure on smaller ICT companies struggling to keep up with repair and service requests because of limited work space, lack of qualifications and/or restricted cashflow.
Roan Active announces Roan Active Certified Repair Centres

This is why Roan Active relaunched our Certified Contract Repair Centres (CRC) in all our branches nationwide. Our technical department is fully capable to handle large quantities of service/repair requests and are geared to perform bulk repairs, staging, and configurations on any device ranging from printers, mobile computers, PDAs, payment devices, kiosks, ticketing, digital vending equipment and much more. Our highly qualified technical architects are uniquely trained and certified to handle all queries from battery replacement to intricate device deployment projects.

Our professional, qualified and convenient third-party service and repair solutions are already the preferred choice for some of South Africa’s biggest brands.

Roan Active repairs and services most major brands.

Roan Active announces Roan Active Certified Repair Centres
Roan Active announces Roan Active Certified Repair Centres

Our support services ensure a swift turnaround so you can get your devices back online promptly. In particular, our CRC option provides the conveniences of a single price to repair a device that helps you avoid the time-consuming hassles of the estimation and approval processes associated with traditional time-and-material repair.

After relaunching the Roan Active Care Packages we have focused on rolling out this specific sector within the technical department to support growing ICT companies and help them cope with the ever-growing workload and keep up with ever-changing digital environments.

Roan Active is fully automated and constantly regulated to comply with quality service standards overseen and enforced by our National Senior Manager - Roan Active & IT, Jeremy du Plessis.

Roan Active Care offer various comprehensive, industry-focused, and business-aligned packages to suit our clients' individual needs to ensure you stay on track, exceeding productivity and efficiency while driving towards a competitive advantage for your business and achieving your desired business outcome.

Roan Active announces Roan Active Certified Repair Centres

Roan Active boasts fully equipped certified repair centres throughout Gauteng, Cape Town, PE, KwaZulu-Natal, and Mpumalanga. Our certified, qualified technicians are ready to tend to your needs with guaranteed response times.

For more information on our repairs and services you can contact us directly or book a consultation:

Email: az.oc.naor@ksedpleh
Tel: 0860 102 710

Roan Active announces Roan Active Certified Repair Centres

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