DotModus and i-10 win with FSA in the United Kingdom

DotModus is delighted to announce that as part of collaborative resource partnership effort led by i-10, a two-year contract with the Food Standards Agency in the UK has been secured.
DotModus and i-10 win with FSA in the United Kingdom

The core focus of the contract is to provide skills and resources to enable and support the FSA's digital, data and technology development activities. 

Established in 2000, following several high-profile outbreaks of foodborne illness, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the independent government department working to protect public health and consumers’ wider interests in relation to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. FSA is responsible for the systems that regulate food businesses and are at the forefront of tackling food crime. The FSA’s role does not just cover food safety, but also other consumer interests in food, which include price, availability and some aspects of food production standards like environmental concerns and animal welfare.

“Public sector organisations are continuously working to better serve their communities through the advancement and adoption of new and improved technologies. Our strategic partnership with¬† i-10 unlocks our over 10 years of deep experience and skills to support public sector clients in this sector with access to innovative data and machine learning solutions. Through i-10, we’re excited to assist the Food Standards Agency to make a successful shift to digital transformation.” - Thomas Fowler, Dotmodus CEO

“We are delighted to have been appointed as FSA’s partner for the next two years, enabling and supporting FSA’s digital, data and technology development activities. Our ecosystem of specialist partners, including DotModus, will be pivotal in supporting FSA to achieve their mission of ‘food we can trust’.” - Mark Hastings , i-10 CEO

DotModus forms part of Dynamic Technologies, a software and technology group, with 12 group companies employing 1100+ technology professionals. From within the DTH group, Inspired Testing and DVT will also be providing skills and resources to support the FSA's digital activities.

About Dotmodus:

DotModus is a technology firm focused on business transformation through cloud computing, data analytics and machine learning. We are an agile group of developers and data scientists that represent a broad range of perspectives and skill sets. Our custom, data-driven solutions are helping businesses reduce costs, improve decision-making and streamline their operations. Our value is further strengthened by our strategic partnerships - DotModus is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, a AWS Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Azure Partner. We are trusted implementation experts of Trifacta, Anthos, Apigee and Looker.

About i-10:

I-10 specialise in all aspects of organisational transformation: people, process, technology, data and digital. Backed by a team of experienced professionals and utilising our ecosystem of specialist partners, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable results.

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