VPS hosting advantages for startup owners

Virtual private server hosting packages are normally not considered by startup owners because of the belief that prices are way too high. This is completely incorrect. When this type of hosting initially appeared, it was expensive but nowadays it is really cheap and accessible for all possible users. The online business world did change and startups are currently supported at a technical level. This does include large companies like Orange support startup entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneur Club.
If you want to make a good decision, consider the advantages of VPS hosting as mentioned below.

VPS hosting advantages for startup owners

Scalability and flexibility

These are the main two advantages that the startup owner needs to understand. When you opt for really good virtual private server hosting, you manage to get something that perfectly suits the current needs of the business. Most of the VPS plans can easily be customised.

Scalability is offered by the fact that you can easily start with the very minimum that you currently need and then grow as the site needs more. This could result in mmense savings. When talking about flexibility, we mean that the virtual resources that are offered for you like RAM and vCPUs can be customised after every single server reboot.

Complete user control

As opposed to shared hosting packages, a VPS hosting package brings in so much more control over the owned space and even some server resources. You will have some root access and can use different scripts that are not available with the shared packages. Restrictions are normally really low and the server can be considered as you see fit. This does mean that you can add the control panel that you prefer or software that you want to use.

Constant performance

When you have a shared hosting package, the performance of your website will vary a lot because of the influence of other sites that are hosted there. With VPS hosting you will have better overall performance as all the sites will be powered by a suitable amount of memory, bandwidth and even CPU resources. Downtime is normally really low with the virtual private servers and you do want your site to always be live, right?

Extra security

This is an advantage that few people actually know about, especially startup users. We are faced with a much safer hosting option because you can install the preferred firewalls and you will not depend on the potential vulnerabilities that other sites have. The IP address you have will be unique so you do not have to worry about potential bans or blacklists as someone with the same IP address did something wrong or was hacked.

Cost efficiency

As opposed to the dedicated plan, a VPS server is much cheaper. That is why startup owners need to consider the opportunity. We have prices that are similar to the shared hosting packages and many technical aspects that are similar to what the dedicated hosting packages currently offer. Something like this cannot be dismissed.

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