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Magnetic Software partners with Craig Rodney to bring The Agency Code to market

The Agency Code

The Agency Code, developed by Craig Rodney is based on 15 years building, running, and selling a highly successful marketing agency, and four years coaching and studying over 50 other agencies. Craig feels that every successful marketing agency shares the same key elements to success.

Described as an “adrenaline shot for your agency” The Agency Code will give you immediate insights and guidance on building and growing a highly successful marketing agency, based on research into the key behaviours shared by the most successful marketing agencies around the world.

Mimi Kalinda, Group CEO at Africa Communication Group says “a fellow agency entrepreneur recommended Craig’s services to me and I haven’t looked back. Craig’s hands-on counsel, motivation and deep expertise about how successful agencies work helped me to innovate our business model.”

The course is designed specifically for small- to medium-sized agencies that feel stuck and are looking to grow their revenue and profit. Growing a successful agency isn’t luck, it’s about knowing the specific steps to take.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your agency to achieve growth
  • How to manage the growth to achieve high-level profitability
  • How to manage yourself to ensure the greatest returns on your time and effort

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About Craig Rodney

Craig Rodney is a marketing coach who specialised in helping small to medium agencies break out of their bad habits and focus on growth and profit. Craig spent 15 years building and running one of South Africa’s most successful marketing agencies, learning many lessons along the way, and eventually selling the agency. The aim of his coaching is to accelerate his clients to success while avoiding many of the painful mistakes he made in this journey.

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About Magnetic Software

Magnetic Software, a subsidiary of Silversoft, helps agencies and internal marketing teams be more efficient in all business processes using a single solution. Agencies no longer have to use multiple platforms across financials, workflow and scheduling, thereby reducing training, onboarding and administrative tasks.

Find out how Magnetic Software can transform the way your agency performs here.

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