Codehesion's marketing secrets to generate leads and build a great business

Codehesion has excellent website and app development services, but had a challenge to let the market know and generate leads. Here is how they solved this problem.
When Codehesion launched operations, it had most things which a software development company needs to succeed - excellent skills, quality leadership, and competitive products.

Under the leadership of Hector Beyers, who holds a master's in computer engineering and has a decade of experience at companies like Internet Solutions and Aryaka Africa, it was in good hands.

The company further outperforms its competitors in product delivery and quality-of-service - all at highly competitive rates.

Codehesion, however, had a big challenge - How does it let the market know about its excellent products and generate leads?

As software engineers, Beyers and his partners did not have much marketing experience and did not know how to let people know about their software development services.

After discussing their challenge with marketing professionals, they opted for an online content marketing strategy.

This strategy involved sponsored content, social media marketing, and Google Search campaigns.
  • Sponsored Content - Published sponsored articles on MyBroadband to inform the market about its products and services.

  • Social Media Marketing - Used MyBroadband's social media channels to promote these articles through campaigns targeting South African IT decision makers.

  • Google Search - Launched Google Search campaigns, targeting different market segments using different ads.
The success of these campaigns was then tracked using two basic metrics - brand awareness and lead generation.
  • Brand Awareness - Track the number of engagements on articles and social media posts, which includes the number of reads, comments, likes, and shares.

  • Lead Generation - Track the website traffic sources and conversions through Google Analytics using UTM codes.
This simple content marketing campaign worked exceptionally well. Within weeks, Codehesion had secured meetings with numerous top companies - with new leads continuing to stream in.

The combination of sponsored content on top tech websites and Google Search worked particularly well.

The sponsored articles created trust in Codehesion and generated immediate leads, while the Google Search campaigns built on this foundation.

This is therefore a highly effective and easy-to-manage marketing strategy for tech companies without a large marketing department to promote their products.

Codehesion's marketing secrets to generate leads and build a great business

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