Factors that have fostered growth of CMMS market over the years?

The market for computerised maintenance management systems is increasing steadily in size and is slated to widen its horizon even more in the near future.

There are several factors that have allowed this particular software to grow over the years. The fact that it offers several unique features and solutions to users has made it indispensible and most of the corporate stalwarts have adopted these solutions as it does justice to the money they invest in it.

In this article, let us find out these very factors that have triggered the growth of the CMMS software. So, read in for better insight.

1. Cloud computing platforms

With the advent of cloud computing and mobile technology, the solutions that are offered by the computerised maintenance management systems have become even more accessible. Aside from that they can are also scalable, the main reason why it is a much sought-after software and management system.

Mobile technology has made it possible for the professionals to work round the clock whenever the need arises as they are always on the move and can access data and information on their hand-held devices.

Not only that, it has also made it possible for many corporate and IT giants to scale their asset management solutions and maintain the same owing to the software. This is another advantage of cloud computing that ensures that data of clients remains safe and not lost or divulged.

2. Increased functionality of mobile apps

Another essential aspect that has led to the growth of computerised maintenance management systems solutions is increased functionality of the apps that have been made available to users across the globe.

Earlier, due to so-called “preventive methods”, you would have to invest in resources that would repair failures and fix problems, regardless of whether they occur or not.

However, with the help of so called “predictive technology”, you are in a better position to foresee the repair works that might have to be undertaken.

Thanks to the monitoring devices that have hit the market and are flying off the shelf like hot pancakes. This can be better understood with the help of an example.

Let us say, you have driven for around 4,000 miles and now you need to change the fuel. Preventive technology will urge you to change fuel since you have undertaken a long journey, irrespective of whether you need to change it or not.

But predictive technology will urge you to change the fuel so that your machinery is better able to predict that now the fuel needs to be changed.

3. Competitive CMMS solutions being cloud-based

It is not unknown that cloud computing and cloud-based solutions are in vogue these days. Not only that they are also “subscription-based and you can now access solutions from your mobile screen and you no longer have to stay glued to your desktop screen. This is one important aspect that has fostered growth of CMMS solutions over the years.

Such functionalities have grown owing to the fact that users are finding dedicated apps and responsive websites much more user-friendly and easier to use. Also, the so-called “voice searches” have enabled the growth of the CMMS too.

4. IIoT or The Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things has played an instrumental role in taking the CMMS solutions to reach heights. In fact the main role of CMMS as the maintenance of record solutions makes it easier to connect to the ERP implementations, sensors, gauges, and other accounting systems. Also increase in bandwidth allocation and affordability and easily availability of internet accessibility are other factors that have complemented computerised maintenance management systems.

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