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Samrand keeps its cool

Despite the sweltering summer heat in Gauteng in recent years, our Samrand data centre has literally kept its cool with an average annual PUE of 1.2 over three years.
The expansive interior of the Samrand Data Centre

Samrand managed to deliver an exceptional annual average power usage efficiency (PUE) of 1.19 for 2017.

In an industry where energy efficiency is a high priority for data centres, Samrand has consistently achieved favourable ratings, beating the industry average of 1.7 in 2016. Samrand achieved PUE of 1.17 in 2015 and 1.25 in 2016. The PUE rating achievement is not only important for the environment; it also presents a cost saving for our company, and ultimately, for our customers.

In simple terms, the PUE measures how efficiently a data centre uses energy. The energy used by computing equipment, in particular, is measured in relation to its cooling and other overheads. At Samrand, the data centre setup and server rack positioning are designed to reduce the power needed to maintain a cool server environment.

Going green saves costs

Created on the award-winning, green building design of our German affiliate, Hetzner Online, the Samrand data centre proves our commitment to the environment and reducing operational overheads.

As a result of the innovative, free cooling system, we have reduced the costs related to refrigeration processes. Our customer has the peace of mind that the technological heartbeat of their online presence, is hosted in a facility that exceeds industry energy efficiency standards, and as a result of this, enjoy the cost savings.

Hetzner remains committed to improving our data centre through innovation. We are keen to invest in technology that challenges conventional thinking about data centres. Our goal is to achieve even greater efficiencies - and reduced costs - in future.

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