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The power of a purpose-led business: RecruitMyMom

The popularity of 'purpose-driven' companies has grown exponentially over the past decade, and for a good reason. Historically, businesses exploited every opportunity for the sole purpose of maximising profit for shareholders. That said, the reckless exploitation of natural and societal resources for profit is increasing under the spotlight.

The UN developed the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 that outlines 17 sustainability goals, including gender equality and reduced inequalities. In South Africa, a further change agent that helps shape business practice to be more sustainable is the King Code of Governance (King III), a prerequisite for all JSE listed companies. The King III Code states that "strategy, risk, performance, and sustainability are inseparable". The requirement means that all JSE listed companies need to report their business practices' societal and environmental impact in the annual integrated report.

Consumers globally are demanding more responsible practices from business. Young people have become a potent influence in the way people view, relate and consume a brand. The millennial generation is concerned about sustainability where "75% said that it's either fairly or, very important that a company gives back to society instead of just making a profit". GenZ, the truth generation, seek ethical practices, that positively impact society as a whole.

Many companies are changing their business strategy to incorporate sustainability as a long-term goal for the aforementioned reasons. Businesses are becoming more focused on the triple bottom line, where the sole purpose is not just maximising profit but includes minimising negative environmental and societal impact produced by business operations.

Deloitte's research indicates that purpose-driven businesses grow three times faster on average than their competitors, while achieving a better workforce and customer satisfaction. Research shows that purpose-driven, sustainable business is good for society and the environment, and it is beneficial to the company's bottom line.

RecruitMyMom, a purpose-driven company

The idea behind is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Phillipa Geard. Phillipa connected with skilled women who felt forced to leave their jobs to gain more flexibility. A need exists among qualified mothers to work with employers who respect that they seek more work-life integration, without having to do menial work so often associated with part-time jobs. To have a recruitment agency that advocates the retention of female skills through flexible, part-time or remote ways of working for moms, means that more women can now integrate their careers and home-life.

By adopting flexible ways of working, both business and employees benefit greatly. Female talent is retained, even through the child-rearing years, and mothers can build their careers more flexibly while remaining current and economically empowered.

RecruitMyMom identified a significant gap between the South African skills market and skilled mothers' need to be employed. Accordingly, RecruitMyMom was purpose first and profit second.

RecruitMyMom's purpose:

We exist to improve the lives of millions of women (and children) through innovative recruitment solutions.

What does it mean for RecruitMyMom to be a purpose-driven company?

Create a sustainable competitive advantage

RecruitMyMom offers employers top-calibre candidates, excellent service, value for money and fast turnaround times as would other high standard recruitment agencies. These are essential for sustained business success, but this is not what makes RecruitMyMom unique.

In a survey done in 2020, RecruitMyMom's clients/employers fed back what it was that made RecruitMyMom unique to them:
  1. Finding female professionals that enjoy adding value to the workplace while balancing it with their personal lives.
  2. The focus on women and the value they can add to the business.
  3. The focus on part-time, flexible, working mothers opportunities.
Companies that use RecruitMyMom's services all subscribe to the company purpose, and will keep on returning to RecruitMyMom whenever they need skilled women to add value to their businesses.

Streamline decision-making

A company's business purpose guides all decision-making. Each business decision should be weighed against the company’s purpose to see if it brings you closer to the goal. Consequently, RecruitMyMom can more easily identify business opportunities that fit into its business strategy. It empowers its employees to serve clients better. For example, an employee may receive a job opportunity that does not provide work flexibility or gender advancement, however, because of the purpose statement, RecruitMyMom would negotiate on the candidate's behalf for a flexibility level that will be beneficial to both parties. For this reason, highly skilled women trust RecruitMyMom to be their preferred recruitment agency because RecruitMyMom understands and advocates for the customer's needs. In return, this has proved to deliver some of the best candidates in the country for employers.

Foster loyal staff

A purpose which is lived and known will attract like-minded people to the company. At RecruitMyMom, every person placed in a job is cause for celebration. They measure their success at the end of the month in 'number of lives touched'. This measure is a motivator for its staff, as everyone treats the company purpose as a personal purpose. When staff members share in this pursuit and work towards a shared vision, work becomes more than 'just a salary'.

Set a future-orientated goal

Having a clear company purpose that resonates with the entire team is what drives a business forward. It is future orientated and can guide innovation within the company. RecruitMyMom is continuously looking for ways to reach more forward-thinking employers who see the benefit of hiring skilled women in flexible, remote or part-time employment.

At RecruitMyMom, there is continuous energy around solutions to support more women through innovative recruitment solutions. Through the tough times of job losses and pay cuts affecting many people, RecruitMyMom has remained steadfast. Now, more than ever, RecruitMyMom is a business that believes in not talking about making a real difference, but actioning it daily.

We're a trusted, online recruitment agency based in South Africa. Our easy-to-use, personalised service is aimed at progressive employers wanting to employ skilled women who are looking for flexible employment.



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