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Timothy Sykes review - Here's what you should know about the millionaire trader teaching people how to trade stocks

If you've ever tried to search online for information on how to trade penny stocks profitably, you'll most likely have come across Timothy Sykes. The story of how he turned his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah gift money into a trading portfolio worth more than $1.65 million before graduating college has been told and retold several times over.
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The success story was fascinating but I was skeptical of his bold claims. Nonetheless, I had to be sure that I wasn’t making a judgmental call off his lavish lifestyle as portrayed on Instagram. I decided to sign up for one month of his Pennystocking Silver plan in order to have an objective view of his credibility and the legitimacy of his claims. This Timothy Sykes review is my objective, straight-to-the-point, and unfiltered perception on the good, bad and ugly side of learning how to trade penny stocks using Tim’s methods.

Here’s what I liked

Signing up for Pennystocking Silver was quite simple and stress-free. The training programme is divided into three classes of membership; namely Tims Alerts, PennyStocking Silver and Tim’s Challenge. In my opinion, the plan that you choose should be dependent on how much time and effort you are willing to invest in your trading journey.

Tim’s Alert costs $74.45 per month, Pennystocking Silver costs $149.95 per month and Tim’s Challenge requires you to go through an application process - the application is supposed to help Tim assess your motivations and to know if you will stick with the programme.

Anyways, I wasn’t willing to go through an application process and the features of Tim’s Alert didn’t look robust enough to provide me with the information necessary to make an educated decision. So, I opted for a monthly subscription of the Pennystocking Silver programme, with a view to upgrading to a yearly plan if I liked the experience in the first month.

Pennystocking Silver gave me access to a library of more than 6,000 videos, I must say the content of many of the videos overlapped and you’ll probably not need to consume all 6,000+ videos. However, the weekly video lessons were more spot-on and the daily stock watchlist introduced me to a decent number of gems. I think you’ll have a better sense of direction if you start your research with the watchlist as opposed to starting your research from scratch.

I also like the fact that Tim is honest about his trading journey and experience. His lifetime trading profit is already north of $5m, but you can see the frustration and disappointments of losing trades as well as the fun and joy of winning trades if you are interested in seeing the granular details of his trading performance.

Here’s what I don’t quite like

Tim has done a great job putting together a large treasure trove of resources over the years, but I think he needs to put a little more thought into how the information is presented. Getting more than 10 emails on the first day of signing up was quite tiring. I also think he needs to double-check for broken links before sending emails out.

Also, Tim’s teaching style doesn’t quite come off as warm and welcoming, at least not at the start. Newbies or sensitive people might find his tough and seemingly impatient nature somewhat off putting. However, if you look beyond the seemingly brash nature, you might be able to warm up to his style.

Here’s what I think you should watch

Tim doesn’t act like a traditional trading coach in that he doesn’t make your trading decisions for you. He will teach you how to make smart trading decisions, but you are in charge of your trades. Hence, you might be disappointed if you are looking for someone who will do all the thinking and decisions for you. The learning experience with Tim is more akin to you looking over his shoulder to see what he is doing and learning by osmosis as he runs a commentary of the reasons behind his actions.

You may want to take your time to go through the video resources and other materials and refrain from asking seemingly basic questions during live webinars.

You should also be aware that the daily chatroom can get quite ‘noisy’ and Tim is not usually present in the room. People without proper trading experience might find it somewhat difficult to follow the conversations.

Final verdict for this review

In my opinion, Tim Sykes is very much the real deal inasmuch as teaching people how to trade penny stocks profitably is concerned. He has traded penny stocks successfully both on retail and institutional capacities, and I think he is on a mission to empower as many retail folks as possible to take control of their financial future.

If you want a more immersive training experience, you should consider applying for Tim’s Challenge, but I think the Pennystocking Silver plan is a good starting point.

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