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Increase marketing capital through debt consolidation

Decreased interest facilitates increased expansion resources
A business, be it large or small, needs to work toward continuous expansion. There are a number of reasons why, one is inflation. Deflation does happen, but this generally indicates exceptionally negative trends which are toxic for business. The general MO of society trends toward inflation, and today this is especially true.

What this means is that what once indicated a profit will eventually indicate stasis, and after enough time has passed, a loss. So inflation is one reason you should continuously expand operations. Additionally, you’ll want to onboard more employees if you are making a profit — you’re always going to be playing catch-up.

When your business begins, it will take between five and ten years, on average, before your business reaches a plateau that might be termed a “cruising altitude” where all debt has been overcome. But even then, you’re going to have money coming in from clients, tax breaks, tax returns and other such exigencies.

Also, you’ll have employees in a constant mode of acquisition and liquidation. An employee represents a business asset. You invest a certain amount of resources in acquiring, training, and maintaining them. You lose that investment when they must be liquidated. A new business is definitely going to go through employees.

When you take all these things together, it makes sense to decrease your expenses wherever possible. Since you’re likely going to have debt starting out, a wise way to do this is through consolidation of that debt. Such consolidation has a propensity to lead to decreased interest rates.

Increase marketing capital through debt consolidation

Several strategies to decrease expenses

According to, “When outstanding obligations are owed, the ability to maintain any level of fiscal independence becomes incredibly difficult,” indicating that escaping debt — one of the many potential benefits of debt consolidation — makes financial independence more likely.

The easiest way to escape debt is to pay it off. The easiest way to pay it off is to increase your payments as sustainably as you can, as regularly as you can. Eliminating unnecessary exigencies from your regular operational budget makes this possible.

Think outside the box. Are you renting? Well, have you considered building a prefabricated structure? Oftentimes you can build one the same size as conventional offices, and the cost of its construction ends up being less than the cost of rent — over a period of about five years or so.

If you go that route, you might also look into sustainable energy solutions. Build in a windy area near a river, you can install an electrical water - wheel and a wind generator. Couple that with solar panels and run a line into the water, you can run your business sustainably off the grid. This saves thousands in energy.

Additionally, going with sustainable solutions usually predicates a tax break of some variety. Another thing to consider is hiring MSPs who provide cloud-sourced tech options. When you outsource to a consulting agency, you’ll usually get a larger tax break. Keep proprietary information internally, and outsource infrastructure.

Increase marketing capital through debt consolidation

Establishing consolidation strategy

Lastly, there’s a new trend in operations called “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device”. BYOD solutions are usually coupled with “work from home” scenarios facilitated via cloud computing which allow employees to work wherever they can source an internet connection. This can save you thousands.

The only downside to BYOD is security, but the right MSP can help you establish actionable and effective protocols. From debt consolidation to tech consolidation to infrastructural resource consolidation, you can excise thousands from your operational budget, facilitating more expedient and reliable economic expansion.

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