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Learn how to manage health and safety in your organisation!

There has been increasing emphasis by the Department of Labour on improving the overall health and safety performance of all industries in South Africa, to acceptable levels comparable with those of countries such as Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom. The national SHE improvement initiative is dependent on suitably and adequately trained SHE practitioners, driving SHE within their spheres of influence in industry. There are limited training courses available in South Africa to ensure this outcome. This programme is designed to address this shortage particularly within the KZN province.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 places responsibility for the implementation and management of safety on a number of people in every company, however very few of those responsible have sufficient knowledge of its content or their duties and rights in terms of the act. The programme has therefore been developed as a hands-on classroom-based course, designed to teach delegates the skills needed to assist their companies in managing compliance with South African legislation, and to implement and maintain a robust safety, health and environmental management system. This programme is highly practical as it focuses on identifying and solving problems using critical and creative thinking.

How you will benefit? You will learn to:
  • Identify and solve problems and make decisions using critical and creative thinking.
  • Work effectively with others as members of a team, group, organisation or community.
  • Organise and manage oneself and one’s own activities responsibly and effectively.
  • Collect, organise and critically evaluate information.
  • Communicate effectively using visual, mathematics and/or language skills in the modes of oral and/or written presentations.
  • Use science and technology effectively and critically (showing responsibility toward the environment and health of others).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem-¬¨solving contexts do not exist in isolation (systems thinking).
Key focus areas:
  • Managing SHE legally in South Africa
  • SHE policies and procedures
  • Fundamental issues in occupational health, safety and the environment
  • Fundamental issues in occupational health
  • Fundamental issues pertaining to the environment
  • SHE theories and principles
  • Introduction to risk management
  • SHE management systems
Who should attend?
  • Safety officers
  • SHE co-ordinators
  • SMME business owners
  • Department of labour inspectors
  • Risk/insurance assessors
  • Construction safety officers
  • Line managers and supervisors
  • Staff involved with day-to-day management of SHE programmes
  • Anyone interested in entering the Health and Safety Industry
Entrance requirements:

Minimum qualification of matric or NQF 4 equivalent.


9 days

Start date:

12 May 2020

Programme fee:

The programme fee of R19,400 (incl. VAT) covers tuition, instruction material, lunches and refreshments.

To apply, please contact:

Percy Sishi
T: +27 31 260 1853

URL link:

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