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How part-time study benefits the life of a working woman

Working women often have to balance career and lifestyle demands very carefully. Part-time study is a way to create change and career progress when much needed.

From a feminine perspective, I can completely identify with the conflicts that are experienced with the women in the workplace. There are many responsibilities that need to be attended to in addition to the many hats that a woman will be expected to wear in the business world. From family and children that need your attention and energy to work demands and the pressure to keep innovating and be on top of your game, it’s easy to feel a bit stressed. So what could be a potential solution? Part – time study offers that very solution as a seamless way to integrate working and earning and greater career goals. It is one that offers women the option to increase skills and opportunities without compromising on lifestyle.

1) It fits around your lifestyle

There are many variables that we as women face in our lives. There are single mums out there who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their children. Some may be married and trying to juggle work-life responsibility along with children. Even if you are a single woman there are still many pressures and expectations that you face. In all of these scenarios there is often a common denominator. Each of these women dreams of improving their lives and circumstances, but grapple with the ‘how’ of the matter. Part-time study offers the flexibility to fit around any of these scenarios.

2) You get to earn while you learn

Women at work often keep putting off dreams and aspirations because of a feared loss of income. Most women worry about the bills that need to be paid and the mouths that need to be fed and then sacrifice their dreams for the stability of their job. Part-time study offers a way around these fears. You can easily remain in your job and study in your spare time, on the weekends and after hours.

3) It helps you to hone in on your dream

At the root of it all, our dreams require us to get up and do something about it. Quite clearly there is a need for us to find ways to get focused on your goals. When we have the presence of mind to decide and commit to a course of action, the world is quite literally our oyster. Signing up to study a part-time course brings us one step closer to getting focused, gaining skills and building your business empire in the direction of your dreams.

4) Your dreams are achieved on your own timeline

Granted there are part-time courses that begin and end within a particular timeframe. However because part-time study is offered on weekends and evenings, planning for classes around your own timeline is much more achievable. Studying part time and working full time is not an easy feat, however with a little pre-planning and negotiating around your own schedule, your goals are definitely achievable.

5) You get the opportunity to network and meet new people

Above all else, part-time study opens up the avenue for you to meet people who are on a similar path to you. If you were feeling stuck and anxious before, you will find that this will get you energised and provide you with ways to find a new sense of purpose. Through part-time study you will meet new people, exchange ideas, and get the opportunity to improve not only your professional self but to enrich your social circles.

As women it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the demands of modern day living. Traditional roles have dissolved and more of us are taking to the workforce not just to get through a job, but to build an empire based on our dreams. The vision that we have for our lives must be supplemented by the right support structures. Some of that will stem from the decisions that we take, but also from equipping ourselves the type of studies that will help us along that very path. Here’s to amazing women, big dreams and the resources that make it all possible.

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