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This is no surprise from the outrageous student accommodation startup, which has made waves since their inception in January 2018.
They’re well known for asking for ‘Digs Pics’ on national billboards, dropping R10,000 in R10 notes off a building at the University of Cape Town, racing T-Rex’s across Wits University and giving away R75,000 in free accommodation.

They’ve hosted some of the largest-recorded student parties in Braamfontein and Cape Town and wiped Cape Town clean with branded DigsConnect ‘we’re not full of sh*t’ toilet paper.

What do they actually do? They’re a technology platform (app and website) that allows landlords, estate agents and property managers to list their properties, and students to find them and contact them.

Their phenomenal growth from inception to over 72,000 beds in just two years can partly be attributed to their outrageous and out-of-the-box marketing. But head of marketing and co-founder, Greg Keal, insists that “students actually just want a place where they can connect with a landlord on a platform that they trust, and we’re stoked that we can provide that space on,” he adds that “the marketing is just our way of saying: "Hey, we’re here if you need us".

The latest of their antics is an amalgamation of the greatest TV shows: The Amazing Race, Saw and Nerve. The name of the campaign? #Digsaur2020

DigsConnect is setting up a high-pressure, adrenaline-fueled competition where students will be challenged to nominate themselves as 'players' in a game. From then on, each player will be sent a daily challenge for five consecutive days. The challenges will need to be completed within a strict timeframe.

Within the allocated time frame, contestants must complete the challenge and upload a video to social media with #Digsaur2020, and they will automatically be entered into the next round. Failure to complete the challenge within the period will result in elimination!

Conquer the challenges, and you will win fame, glory and R50,000 in cold hard cash. And they really mean cash. Like, in a briefcase.

Enter #Disgaur2020 on the DigsConnect app:

Follow #Digsaur2020 on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated.

Digs Connect's press office

Digs Connect is South Africa's largest student accommodation platform. is a platform to find and list student accommodation in South Africa, and a place to find digsmates.