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Educor launches trendy cafés nationwide for its students

Keeping up with 21st-century social trends, Educor Holdings has proudly announced the launch of its brand-new and vibrant campus café makeover.

Equipping its face-to-face campuses, including Damelin, CityVarsity and Central Technical College, with the latest in eatery and ‘chill’ area facilities, each brand will receive their own signature space and name that has been developed taking into consideration their individual student profiles.

Damelin’s space is named Urban Café, CityVarsity is called Urban Creative and Central Technical College is Urban Hub. Some of the campuses have completed concepts and cafés whilst there are many sites in various stages of creation and completion. These sites include Central Technical College in Durban and Braamfontein and Damelin East London, PE and Nelspruit.

Educor Café Operations' Belinda Duncan, who is responsible for the planning and implementation of the cafés nationwide, said, “At the beginning of last year we initiated the project to revamp and relook at all the canteens of Educor’s education brands. The brief was to provide students and staff with a breakaway space that has affordable offerings in a relevant and contemporary setting that will complement their daily campus and study routine in this day and digital age."

Urban Café has a fresh look with clean lines that is bright, funky and airy with different seating and breakaway spaces. Green and the deep Damelin blue in colour, the Urban Café features relaxing seating options and a scrumptious lunchtime menu for students. Urban Creative is a fun playful and very interactive area that boasts a proper artsy and creative street vibe.

CityVarsity Cape Town’s Urban Creative Café is buzzing with students who cannot get enough of its new and improved social hub.

Sales Manager for CityVarsity Cape Town Darryn Van Zyl said, “The new café was extremely well received by the students. There is a completely new array of colour that has really made their ‘chill area’ pop. The café also has board and video games from around the world on sale for students to purchase, providing them with further fun learning opportunities. Students are making frequent use of its facilities and we are happy to have given them these exciting facilities.”

According to Belinda, all the creative spaces are aimed at providing students and staff with the opportunity to network and collaborate. The cafés provide integrated and thoughtful spaces to refuel, recharge and reconnect in their busy lives. “No more desk lunches and rushed trips to nearby shops, instead a space for all Educor learners to own and be part of,” she said.

Educor Holdings looks forward to the roll-out of the remaining campus cafés. Look out for more creative images and the progress of these new innovative spaces on the Facebook pages. For more information on Educor and its campuses, log on to

Educor's press office

Educor is the largest private education supplier in Southern Africa, managing 10 educational brands across its more than 60 campuses and sites in South Africa and internationally. As a Group we possess a rich heritage with brands that have been in existence for many years. Since our inception in 2008, Educor has evolved into an education giant offering face-to-face, distance and online learning.