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Dealerships need to get compliant and protect themselves!

To comply with the Second Hand Goods Act, all motor vehicle dealerships active in receiving and/or selling second-hand vehicles must record the microdot number of the item being traded.
With fuel prices increasing, inflation growing and the economy in general can motor dealerships afford not be compliant with the Second Hand Goods Act? Motor dealerships become easy prey for buying cloned and/or stolen vehicles when not being compliant.

VehicleFacts enables dealerships to:
  1. Validate the vehicle before money is exchanged on trade ins.
  2. Get protection for themselves and the consumer by checking the vehicle’s true identity.
  3. Have access to the used vehicles register in compliance with the Second Hand Goods Act.
The second-hand goods market has been flourishing in South Africa since statistics have shown a decline in the real net wealth of South Africans – and the vehicle industry is no exception. Finance houses are financing 2.13 used vehicles for every 1 new vehicle financed. This is good news for used car dealerships but are all used vehicles being traded legitimate?

In terms of the act the following applies:

A motor vehicle dealer “dealing in second-hand motor vehicles must also record in the prescribed register the particulars regarding every acquisition or disposal of a motor vehicle.”

The particulars are to “include any distinguishing mark or feature, such as microdot particulars.”

DataDot microdots can assist in meeting legal obligations important in the second-hand market and prevent consumers being charged as an accomplice or a thief if found in possession of suspected stolen goods and dealers being held liable for trading in stolen goods. Microdots are a “distinguishing mark or feature” on a motor vehicle, on scrap metal or any other second-hand item whether purchased through an auctioneer or a second-hand dealer.

Get compliant, protect yourself, register with VehicleFacts!

VehicleFacts' press office

VehicleFacts minimises the risk to dealerships in trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by validating the original identity of the vehicle whilst complying with the Second-Hand Goods Act.