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#OnTheBigScreen: Leon Schuster, Donovan Marsh, and the Met Opera

New films showing from 23 November 2018 are the new Leon Schuster comedy Frank & Fearless that takes you on the thrilling adventure of four loveable characters in the African bush; South African director Donovan Marsh directs Hunter Killer, an action-packed thriller of a submarine captain teams with US Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president; Bella Thorne stars in this spellbinding and romantic supernatural thriller I Still See You; and a group of journalists investigate the reasons behind the Bush administration's 2003 invasion of Iraq in Shock and Awe, and the Met Opera's Samson et Delila revisits the biblical story of the two lovers, whose romance ends in betrayal.

Frank & Fearless

Set in Africa, the movie takes you on a thrilling adventure as a loveable old man, Sonny Frank (Leon Schuster), and a 10-year-old rural African boy, Fearless (Themba Ntuli), set out to kidnap the ambassador of a South-East Asian country in an attempt to stop rhino slaughter. They are joined on this mission by two four-legged friends; Reini a baby rhino whose mother was killed by poachers and Fearless’s big and faithful black dog called Dog. When things go terribly wrong, they have no choice but to take on a platoon of merciless poachers, who are led by the terrifying ranger turned poacher, Dolf (Kenneth Nkosi), with whom Sonny has a past. The emotional heart, of course, stems from the characters’ individual journeys.

Directed by Gray Hofmeyr from a screenplay by Leon Schuster and Hofmeyr.

Hunter Killer

The film takes the classic submarine thriller - with all its nail-biting tension, claustrophobia, physical and psychological pressure - into the post-Cold War era when flash coups and counter-reactions can alter the balance of world power overnight.

Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is on the hunt for a US sub. in distress when he discovers a secret Russian coup is in the offing, threatening to dismantle the world order. With crew and country on the line, Captain Glass must now assemble an elite group of Navy Seals to rescue the kidnapped Russian president and sneak through enemy waters to stop WWIII.

As the steely Captain Glass comes face-to-face with his stoic Russian counterpart, Captain Andropov (Michael Nyqvist), it becomes clear that the wary, distrustful bond between them may be all that stands between the world and nuclear catastrophe.

Directed by Donovan Marsh and written by Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss, based on the 2012 novel Firing Point by Don Keith and George Wallace.

Read more here.

I Still See You

Sixteen-year-old Ronnie Calder (Bella Thorne) enjoys breakfast every morning with her dad - well, actually just a spectral remnant, or “rem” of her father, who was killed a decade earlier along with millions of other Midwesterners when a top-secret lab experiment went cataclysmically wrong. When an unfamiliar rem begins stalking her - and affecting the physical world in ways rems are supposedly incapable of - Ronnie seeks advice from a trusted teacher, Mr Bittner (Dermot Mulroney). 

Not satisfied with his explanation, she teams up with classmate Kirk (Richard Harman), a loner with a mysterious past, to figure out what the rem wants from her. In search of answers, they journey to the site of the lab accident in Chicago, where they witness rems reenacting a horrific murder. Armed with fresh insights, Ronnie returns to her wintry suburban home to confront the tormented killer determined to destroy her.

Directed by Scott Speer from a screenplay by Jason Fuchs based on Daniel Waters’ novel Break My Heart 1,000 Times. Fueled by a stirring score from Emmy-winning composer Bear McCreary, the film explores themes of loss and redemption anchored by a performance from one of the most magnetic young actresses working in Hollywood today.

Read more here

Shock and Awe

Reporters Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel, working with the support of their editor John Walcott and famous war correspondent Joe Galloway, set forth to sift through the chaos and official lies, uncover the truth behind the Bush administration’s 2003 Invasion of Iraq, and report it to the public. In the face of intense scrutiny and pressure, during a time of pro-invasion cheerleading by the majority of their media colleagues, they dared to uphold the best tenets of their profession. Theirs is a story of speaking truth to power – and the public – in a time when America needed it the most. The government got its war, but these reporters got it right.

Directed by Rob Reiner and written by Joey Hartstone. 

Samson et Delila

Conducted by Sir Mark Elder and staged by Tony Award-winning director Darko Tresnjak, Samson et Delila revisits the biblical story of the two lovers, whose romance ends in betrayal at Nouveau Cinemas from 23 November.  

For more information and to make bookings feast your eyes on all three mesmerizing productions, visit the website at or download the SK App. You can also book at the box office. For news and updates, go to Facebook page: Ster-Kinekor and follow Ster-Kinekor on Twitter: @sterkinekor or @nouveaubuzz. For all queries, call Ticketline on 0861 Movies (668 437).

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