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Grid gives meaning to FNB Joburg Art Fair

As brand custodians of FNB's core positioning 'helping people help themselves', and with these tenets of empowerment and enablement in mind, Grid Worldwide embarked on the strategic realignment of key FNB sponsorship properties in 2018.

Having successfully launched the FNB Springboks sponsorship brand building campaign grounded in the sentiment ‘From grassroots to greatness’ which clearly demonstrates the power of help in one's journey to success, Grid was tasked with the review and repositioning of the FNB Joburg Artfair sponsorship.

As primary sponsor of the ArtFair for 11 years, the challenge from FNB to Grid was to develop a strategic messaging construct for sponsorships communicating the role of help in achieving one’s greatness, and specifically for contemporary African artists, how the right support can transform an artist’s intangible dreams into a tangible reality.

Hence the FNB Joburg Artfair key message was born; ‘From Inspiration to Creation’.

Bonga Sebesho, head of sponsorships, explains: "In 2018, FNB is aligning all sponsorship properties to our overarching brand sentiment of 'From grassroots to greatness' which we landed quite successfully in our rugby brand TVC. The alignment will include this years FNB Joburg Artfair expression of 'From inspiration to creation'. We are excited to launch this new ArtFair positioning as testimony to the enabling power of help and FNB's brand positioning of how can we help you help yourself."

To visually align the refreshed Joburg Artfair positioning 'From Inspiration to Creation' and in line with Grid's philosophy of strategic design, Grid created a bespoke typeface for the Artfair campaign as was developed for FNB Springboks. This was created by leveraging the featured artist, Billie Zangewa's textile artistic approach, with colourful raw silk offcuts in intricate hand-stitched collages.

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