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    Moonyeenn Lee & Associates (MLA), now the largest talent agency on the African continent, has announced that it is opening a new office in Cape Town. The launch of a representative office in the heart of one of South Africa's premier film destinations follows fast on the heels of a recent announcement that the agency would be representing screenwriters and directors alongside the leading talent already in the stable. Issued by Moonyeenn Lee & Associates (MLA)
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    Woolworths has launched two new digital beauty experiences, Virtual Try On and Virtual Consultations, which are designed to help consumers reinvent their beauty shopping experience at home and gain more confidence before making a purchase.
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    After 12 years of being 'The Home of the Afropolitan', we are excited to introduce our latest evolution - Kaya 959. On the Street. On the Air. Our new brand identity is about highlighting Kaya 959 as a radio station for all. Issued by KAYA 959
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What you need to consider before buying a leather couch

There is nothing quite as luxurious and timelessly appealing as a genuine leather lounge suite. At Leather Gallery we pride ourselves on providing our customers with premium quality leather furniture that, when properly cared for, will last for many years.
We offer a wide range of leather couches, leather corner sofas, leather recliners as well as leather suites. Whether you are after a leather couch that is classic and timeless or a modern leather sectional, we have something for every home and every style.

We can all agree that there is nothing quite as luxurious as leather furniture, but with all the leather options, it can often feel overwhelming and you might not be sure what you are actually purchasing. Finding the perfect leather couch is not always as simple as walking into a store and buying the first one that you like. There are many factors that should influence the style of leather couch as well as the type of leather you choose.

What are the top upholstery options for pet owners?

Even if you have the best of intentions, pets have a way of breaking the careful rules you lay out for them. Plenty of dog and cat owners who swore they'd never allow animals on the couch have reluctantly given up their favourite spots for four-legged friends...

Issued by Leather Gallery 29 Mar 2021

The first thing to consider is the main style and overall look of your home. Although you might like a grand U-shape leather couch, your living room might not be able to accommodate the size, maybe considering a smaller L-shaped sofa will better suit the layout and size of your living room. Lifestyle factors such as whether you have kids or pets (or both!), where you live and whether you simply want to make a style statement or you're looking to invest in a quality leather couch, will also come into play.

When purchasing a leather sofa, you need to ask the consultant what type of leather the sofa is made from. At Leather Gallery, all of our leather furniture is issued with an authenticity certificate of the type of leather used in their sofas e.g., full grain leather, top grain leather or corrected grain leather.

Find a sofa that suits your existing style

The addition of leather furniture pieces into your living room setting can be both timeless and modern. Leather sofas add depth and beauty to various interior styles. The first thing to consider when shopping around for a leather couch is to consider the atheistic you are after in your living room. If you are after a more contemporary, streamlined look, a leather suite with square arms and cleaner lines such as our San Lorenze Leather Sofa Suite will perfectly complement the space.

Shop the San Lorenze Leather Sofa Suite here

Crafted from full grain genuine leather the San Lorenze Leather Sofa Suite is available as a whole suite, a three-seater, two-seater as well as a one-seater. At Leather Gallery, we know that no two individuals have exactly the same interior design style, therefore, we have carefully crafted a wide range of leather options. The luxurious San Lorenze Leather couch is available in hues of browns and beige but, if you are after something more statement worthy, colours such as bright white or deep red will help create the perfect statement sofa in your living room.

Leather is low-maintenance

A leather couch can be far more durable than fabric upholstery such as linen or velvet. Low maintenance and resistant to dirt and staining are some of the key reasons families or busy households should consider investing in a leather couch. A leather couch is perfect for high traffic areas such as your living room. With that being said, leather has similar properties to our own skin. We suggest making use of our range of leather care products to ensure that your leather furniture remains in pristine condition.

There are numerous reasons a leather couch is a good investment; at Leather Gallery, we have leather furniture to complete any South African home. Leather Gallery showrooms nationwide have a wide range of luxurious leather sofas. Allow us to help you select the perfect leather sofa for your home.

Quick and easy to clean and maintain

Leather Gallery has expertly formulated an environmentally friendly leather maintenance products range. This professional leather maintenance kit will ensure that your luxury leather and leather-look furniture is properly cared for and protected, while its special formula keeps it looking and feeling rich, soft and supple.

Shop the Leather Gallery Leather Maintenance Range here

The UV Leather Conditioner has been formulated to maintain the look and feel of your leather couch and all other leather furniture. We have formulated our UV Leather Conditioner in a unique way to ensure that it is environmentally safe and sustainable. We recommend using our unique UV Leather Conditioner to ensure the lifespan of your leather furniture. Leather has similar properties to our skin and, so your leather home furniture can become dry and degrade if not properly cared for. Using small amounts of leather conditioner will hydrate your leather furniture and keep it looking subtle and elegant.

Our UV Leather Cleaner has been formulated to remove water-based, as well as oil-based stains from your leather couch and other leather home furniture. The UV Leather Cleaner works to remove stains and brighten the surface of your leather sofa suite as well as other leather home furniture. All of our Leather Gallery maintenance products have been formulated in a unique way to ensure that they are environmentally safe and sustainable.

Read more about how to properly care for and maintain your Leather Gallery leather furniture here.

Leather Gallery
Visit any one of our showrooms to experience the beauty and comfort of our premium furniture or have a consultation to make your dream furniture a reality.



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