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How to start a mattress sale business and profit quickly

Essential items have always been a reliable base on which to build a business. The recent dramatic increases in the number of manufacturers and spending in the mattress industry is making it clear that getting quality sleep is now considered an essential need by a growing number of people.
Every family eventually needs to buy new mattresses after some time, whether it's for a child who has grown too big for cots or just to replace an old one. Unlike the furniture market where the large chain stores have the market in a chokehold, independent mattress retailers have been seeing significant increases in patronage in over the past few years.

If you’re looking to start your business selling mattresses, here’s what you’ll need to decide on:

Internet only or warehouse?

Although you’ll still need some space to store your stock, it’s possible to run your business without having a normal physical store. You can also have a warehouse operation that operates only based on appointments, where you offer to show customers the top mattresses at a better price because of the minimal overhead.

The decision rests ultimately in what you think will be most profitable. If your location cannot support the overhead of a physical store, you might consider residing only on the internet. Generally, though, having a store is better because of the customer flow that’ll come through that channel. Plus, it makes your business look more substantial and increases customer confidence drastically.

To niche or not to niche

The next thing you’ll need to decide on is if you want to be a general mattress store or if you want to be the store that people go to for a specific kind of mattress. It could be children’s mattresses, mattresses that are intended to go in college dorms, special sizes or just memory foam.

Going the generalist route would be best if your area doesn’t have many mattress stores already. If it does, you should consider narrowing your focus so you can market your store as the best place to fill specific needs.

Find reliable suppliers

There are two ways you can go about this: The first is to sign up for a license to sell products under the name of a big mattress distributor and the second option is to start out on your own.

The first option might be better if you have no experience in sales. That way, you’d have access to the processes and support of a company that’s trying to help you be successful. The process of getting stock will be much simpler and you’ll benefit from the name recognition they have. The downside here is that because it’s a franchise, you’ll either have to pay money upfront or regularly.

On the other hand, starting out on your own means that you won’t be shackled by the regulations of another company regarding everything from how you set up your store to how you interact with customers. You also won’t have to share your profits with them, but the downside is that you’ll have to organise everything about the business for yourself, from finding suppliers to getting permits and training salespeople.

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