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5 unique activities in Clanwilliam

Visitors to Clanwilliam in the Western Cape will be delighted to hear that there are a couple of must-do-activities absolutely unique to this beautiful town and its surrounds.

Rooibos and Buchu Tour

Often described as “a journey into organic farming at its best”, the Skimmelberg Rooibos and Buchu tour is a must for anyone with an interest in Rooibos, Buchu, organic farming or the wonderful Skimmelberg product range.

The tour will give visitors an insider’s look into how Buchu and Rooibos are being farmed in a way that’s organically sustainable. Participants will get to visit the Rooibos and Buchu fields, the organic nursery, the wormery, the Buchu distillery and the tea court.

Cederberg Heritage Route

The Cederberg Heritage Route lies in the Cederberg mountains and is made up of a collection of six community based hiking trails. There are five shorter trails that range from two to five nights total duration. The sixth trail, aptly named The Cederberg 100 Trail, is a 100 km beast that takes seven days to complete.

Rooibos and Fynbos Safari Tour

Elandsberg Eco Tourism offers Rooibos and Fynbos safari tours that allow visitors to get up close and personal with Rooibos and Fynbos plantations where all the aspects of these unique plants and its cultivation are explained. A visit to the processing plant also forms part of this experience where participants will get to see how Rooibos is processed into final products for consumption.

Rooibos Route

Since the Cederberg mountain region is the only place in the world where Rooibos grows naturally, the Rooibos Route is another must-do. The Rooibos Route is an experience made up of different parts or “clans”. These clans include cultivation, history, activities and restaurants to name a few. It’s definitely a good idea to visit the Rooibos Route website to plan your route.

“Visiting a Rooibos farm and factory is a fantastic experience. More adventurous visitors will enjoy the various jogging and hiking opportunities the route has to offer. At Klawer Wine cellar you can also enjoy a delicious wine and Rooibos food pairing,” explains Sanet Stander, one of the founders of the Rooibos Route. 

Sevilla Rock Art Trail

The Sevilla Rock Art Trail is a 5 km trail that winds along the Brandewyn River. It visits nine sites of rock art paintings left behind by the San people who inhabited the area for thousands of years. This relatively easy walking trail offers the opportunity to spot springbok, hartebeest, eland and smaller game like dassies and baboons.

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