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SA's Willie Smit re-signs with global cycling's Team Katusha Alpecin

Top South African cyclist Willie Smit has re-signed with professional cycling outfit, Team Katusha Alpecin, for the 2019 international cycling season.
Team Katusha Alpecin is among the top 18 teams competing on the UCI World Tour where Smit competed for the first time this year.

The team’s general manager, José Azevedo, announced that Smit, 25, a former number one on the UCI’s Africa Tour rankings and winner of the gold medal in the African Continental Championships in 2017, had been re-signed for the 2019 season.

“(Willie) came to us... as first in the African ranking... he has shown us his potential but he needs time and we’ve re-signed him for another year. We believe in him and I believe after this learning year, next year he can show his true self,” said Azevedo.

SA cycling analyst and commentator Xylon van Eyck said Smit’s re-signing was an indication of his prowess.

“Willie is ambitious and works hard. This signing shows that Team Katusha Alpecin really values him. The world tour is the highest level of cycling in the world and it’s great news for South Africa to have him competing at this premier level,” he said.

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, which sells a range of hair products around the world, including in South Africa, is a sponsor of Team Katusha Alpecin.