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Get to know up-and-coming supermodel Keagan Troskie

Keagan Troskie is a Cape Town model making waves internationally. You may have seen him; he's a regular in ad campaigns for brands like Adidas, Spree, Mr Price, Superbalist; he's walked in SA Menswear Fashion Weeks; and many other prestigious local and international campaigns.
Meagan Duckitt caught up with him while he was preparing for Copenhagen and Stockholm Fashion Week, and chatted with him about his journey, future endeavours, and any advice he has for aspiring models.

BizcommunityWhat has this modelling journey been like for you?

The journey has been a tough one, but very exciting and it has helped me to learn so much more about myself, as a person and model.

BizcommunityYou are one of the models who has reached fame very quickly - how long have you modelled and were did it all start?

I’ve been modelling for about five years now and it all started with football when Adidas wanted to use me in one of their campaigns; the pictures were really cool and from there on, I joined an agency and started doing a lot of fashion work as well.

BizcommunityWhat do you most enjoy about modelling?

I enjoy the travelling and getting to meet new people and working with so many talented and inspiring people.

BizcommunityWhat is your greatest challenge in the industry?

The greatest challenge in the model world is always to stay on top of your game, eating right, sleeping right, and making sure that you’re always looking presentable.

BizcommunityWhat are the misconceptions about models that people have?

Yeah, like anything else in this world there are a lot of people who think all models are arrogant and cocky, but I’ve met some of the greatest people and lucky enough to call them my friends now.

BizcommunityWhat is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement was going to Madrid to watch Real Madrid play Barcelona and then an advert came on the big screen for Adidas and it was me :).

BizcommunityAre there any projects you are currently busy with that you are excited about?

I’m currently running my own agency based in Cape Town called Empire Model Management, and it’s a very exciting and new project yet challenging, but with all the right people by my side, I think it will be a great success.

BizcommunityWhat is next?

Next up on for me is trying to create a great network with all the international agencies and maybe, just maybe, have an Empire based in Europe one day :).

BizcommunityWhat is your greatest strength? Or why do you think you are as successful as a model?

I think my greatest strength has always been to treat people the same no matter where you are from, and what you do respect gets you really far in life.

BizcommunityAny advice for anyone keen to start modelling?

As a model it’s always best to treat everyone with respect because we all are just normal people, therefore it is best not to get arrogant or treat people bad because of status, this will get you really far.

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About Meagan Duckitt

Meagan is a fashion designer, stylist, writer and public speaker. She owns a small clothing business called Calista Clothing and enjoys using her knowledge to empower women.