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Isilumko Activate is located in Johannesburg, South Africa

Isilumko Activate is a Level 1 BBBEE Black woman with pride.
Isilumko Activate is located in Johannesburg, South Africa

The company was founded in 1995 and had a 26-year history, making it one of the most well-known marketing companies in the country.

Isilumko Activate is an integrated marketing firm that develops campaigns that stand out in various industries.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, Isilumko Activate has launched its integrated marketing services. According to Isilumko Activate, all business is personal. Because businesses don't make decisions. People do. Humans are the focus of their integrated marketing initiatives. Work that helps people feel valued and understood.

Isilumko Activate implements quality value to your marketing plan by conducting in-depth research and analysing your target audience's demographics, geography, and other factors. This is followed by developing comprehensive plans executed across several channels by its creatives and effective marketing and advertising efforts or programs. As a result, Isilumko Activate guarantees a maximum return on the client's marketing investment. In addition, partnering with Isilumko Activate for branding will infuse your brand with new vitality.

Services consist of:

Please visit for more information about their services and affordable rates.

Benefits of collaborating with an integrated marketing agency

Working with an integrated marketing firm has several advantages to working with various independent contractors and providers. These benefits are integrated communications: a unified, comprehensive approach to branding and marketing.

Integrated communications strategies provide your brand with the much-needed consistency of tone, messaging, style, and quality.

Integrated marketing is how leading brands generate compelling, consistent messages and responses at each point of contact. Isilumko Activate drives your brand from logo and messaging to collateral, advertising, video, social media, and more with its proven methodology.

About Isilumko Activate

Isilumko Activate was developed in response to students. Many of the most successful business leaders in South Africa associate this brand with pocket money and happy times during their undergraduate years. We are delighted to continue the tradition of allowing our future corporate titans to obtain vital job experience, learn how to work in a team, identify themselves as leaders, and interact with leading businesses, all while boosting their money accounts.

Isilumko Activate is located in Johannesburg, South Africa

About Bianca Brink

Experienced corporate professional with strong leadership and relationship-building skills, and extensive business experience. Exceptional decision-maker and planner with excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Fast and independent learner with the ability to translate complex requirements into achievable tasks. Dedicated to continuous process improvement and solution excellence. Currently in a Consulting role, seeking a position in a like-minded organisation where she will add long-term value by utilising her vast skill-set and comprehensive professional experience.
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