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Magnetic partners with Pernod Ricard's global agency, The Mix

Magnetic partners with Pernod Ricard's global agency, The Mix, to create a single platform to run all marketing processes internally and with external agencies across 17 countries.
Magnetic partners with Pernod Ricard's global agency, The Mix

Silversoft is pleased to announce the launch of Magnetic Private Label, a product designed specifically to shape and adapt to the custom workflow requirements of internal marketing teams and agencies. Custom requirements include automated briefing from client to execution, legal approvals, saving calculations, surveys to measure quality of work, reporting, and more.

Pernod Ricard – the second largest worldwide producer of wines and spirits globally – was looking for a global scheduling, planning and tasking solution for their internal agencies, referred to as “The Mix”. The Mix has 20 in-house agencies in South Africa, South America, France, the USA, China and Europe, and needed a tool that could improve efficiencies between marketers and in-house agencies.

Magnetic Private Label was customised to suit Pernod Ricard as a platform that transforms 20 in-house agencies, thousands of marketing managers and over 200 external agencies from working in disjointed silos, across multiple tools into a customised and streamlined workflow.

Mixologic, the name given to Pernod Ricard’s Magnetic Private Label platform, enables everyone engaging with Pernod Ricard Marketing Services to streamline their processes, and align to deliver maximum output and unrivalled quality for all involved.

When asked, Anais Zouaki, global content manager at Pernod Ricard head office in Paris, who led the detailed selection process for the platform, explained that the global team needed an easy-to-adopt, but feature rich and powerful platform. “Working within a large global team, we needed a tool that would ensure for seamless project flow in our agency between various internal and external stakeholders. This is paramount to our global strategy and ensuring we consistently deliver the highest quality work, across all in-house agencies,” says Zouaki.

“The Pernod Ricard project was an exciting one for our team indeed. They needed a robust workflow solution that allowed the global management team to have an overview of all projects in their various agency teams, yet an easy-to-use tool when it came to tasking and scheduling for their individual agencies. In addition to this, it was vital that business processes and operations were standardised across a custom workflow and therefore aligned across the global team,” says Dan Marcus – director of Strategy & Growth at Silversoft. “Our new offering, Magnetic Private Label not only ticked the boxes in terms of functionality, but the ability to customise workflows, and make the system match The Mix in-house Pernod Ricard agency was crucial to the success of the project.”

“Due to the unique internal structure of Pernod Ricard, it was important to consider a solution that was customisable in terms of our workflow. We needed to ensure that the chosen vendor could provide a holistic solution from creative briefing, through profitability and savings reporting – something that Magnetic Private Label could offer us. In addition, Magnetic Software was incidentally significantly more cost-effective solution compared to other vendors in the market,” says Zouaki. “We now have our 20 in-house agencies live with a goal to have 4,000+ users globally working on Mixologic in the coming months, allowing the entire global team to be more aligned than ever.”

About Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is a global company, headquartered in France, that produces alcoholic beverages. Pernod Ricard has built a unique portfolio of premium international brands – one of the broadest of the wine and spirits industry. Pernod Ricard is ranked as the second largest worldwide producer of wines and spirits.

About Magnetic Software

Magnetic Software helps agencies and internal marketing teams be more efficient in all business processes using a single solution. Agencies no longer need to use multiple platforms across financials, workflow, and scheduling, thereby reducing training, onboarding, and administrative tasks.
Magnetic’s new offering, Private Label is a fully customisable solution for large internal marketing and advertising agencies. Find out more

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