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How GraniteWMS is evolving from a tech solution into a world-class brand

Digital Kungfu is helping world-class warehouse management system GraniteWMS craft a brand story that resonates with its target market.
How GraniteWMS is evolving from a tech solution into a world-class brand

Marketing isn’t just about taking a brand message to market – it’s about building a brand story that resonates with a market, as GraniteWMS has discovered through working with Digital Kungfu.

The aim of all innovative software solutions is to simplify lives. In the B2B world, this means simplifying business processes, streamlining organisations and solving challenges that are causing inefficiencies.

Granite WMS is a warehouse management solution that takes a discipline that is usually expensive, difficult and painful to implement, and helps its customers to deliver the right goods, at the right time, to the correct customers at an efficient cost-base – zero mistakes.

“Our solution assists companies that have warehouses, but are experiencing supply chain problems that are resulting in unhappy customers and expensive mistakes because orders are getting lost or inventory can’t be traced,” says Craig Collins, CEO of Cradle Technology Services.

“We intentionally designed Granite WMS with simplicity in mind. It’s simple to implement and use, resulting in a smaller overall budget and more time allocated to getting processes to work rather than trying to get complex functionality to work technically.” 

Focusing on business outcomes

How this message and the value of Granite is communicated though is critical – and that starts with who you’re talking to.

“When you’re a technology business, you tend to focus on your tech solution,” says Matt Brown, CEO of Digital Kungfu, a storytelling production house that has been working with Granite WMS to develop its brand story.

“The problem is that in the organisations that Craig and his team are targeting as part of their growth strategy, the purchasing decision of a warehouse management system lies with distribution and implementation channels, and they aren’t interested in talking about tech – no matter how sophisticated it is,” says Brown. “They want to know what the business outcomes that a solution provides are – how does it affect their business and bottom line?” 

Leveling up

With this in mind, Brown and the Digital Kungfu team have worked with Granite WMS to develop a brand story that resonates with the market channels Collins and his team need to speak to.

“We feel that the process of telling the brand story has improved our ability to communicate with the market,” Collins says. “The customer remains the same but the brand story narrative now appeals to the market channels we need to work with.”

According to Collins, working with a specialist team of marketing experts has helped him and his team to focus on product marketing, an area often ignored due to the pressures of delivering the technical solution. 

“Working on the marketing and brand story validated our market segment and target market, and created the confidence and inspiration that we needed to push our product into the global market. 

“Working with Matt and his team has helped us to level up our product offering. After the Digital Kungfu treatment, we feel that our product branding and content now reflects the true value that we always had in our technical implementation. We’re confident to approach corporate leaders and ERP vendors with a world-class brand rather than just a tech solution.”

Granite Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a leader in small and medium business Warehousing solutions. It is the flagship product of Cradle Technology Services located in Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is simple to implement, simple to use, incredibly powerful and uses the best technology available to make it scalable, easy to maintain and support. It is currently implemented in over 80 sites located in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the UK and recently the USA.

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Inside B2B Lead Generation 2019-Digital Kungfu from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.

About the Author

Matt Brown is the Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) of Digital Kungfu, a storytelling production company that helps technology businesses generate leads, market their software products/service and build their brands. He is also the founder of The Matt Brown Show, South Africa’s favourite podcast for entrepreneurs.

Digital Kungfu is a storytelling production company that helps technology businesses to generate leads, market their software products/services and build their brands. To address the pace of the technology sector, Digital Kungfu combines storytelling, branded content and agile marketing to take new or existing products and services to market quickly and in the process generate leads and maximise market share.

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