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It's back! The crème ala crème AI Marketing Course

Boo-Yah! joined forces with The Connected Marketer™ in The UK to bring businesses world-class courses endorsed by The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (UK). As these courses are not offered online, the only way you could attend these courses would require you to attend it in the UK. Now we offer it locally and at a more affordable rate.

More about the role of AI Marketing Course:

Every business should be thinking about how Artificial Intelligence is going to transform their industry and what role it will play inside their own company. But what artificial intelligence? What is Deep learning? What are Neutral Networks? What can chatbots really do today?

AI may be a hot topic, but it Is also one full of confusing technical terms and misleading information about how it works, what businesses can do with it and how to get started.

The masterclass offers a starting point in AI and then focusses on the role of chatbots. It is written by marketers, for marketers and will explain all of the key terms and concepts involved in AI. Crucially, it offers a neutral view on what works today and what works doesn’t work and provides a framework for planning, testing and learning about AI.

What makes this course popular is the fact that it is not packed with buzzwords and complicated terms, and broken down in a relatable way, easy to understand and relate to marketers.

Highlights of what will be covered:
  • Introduction to the key components of AI which includes Algorithms, Chatbots, Data Mining, AI, ML, NLP, Sentiment Analysis etc
  • The role of Chatbots, exploring the rise of conversational commerce, the limitations, how AI fits into the MarTech Stack
  • The Three Horizon Model which covers the application in managing business and technology roadmaps
  • The Future of AI and Chatbots, which roles and markets it will most likely effect and how companies should plan for this today
  • Skills needed to manage AI Projects
  • Case Studies
  • Tech Play Sessions
What our delegates had to say:

Early Bird Discount:
Book before 7 February and receive a 20% Discount.
(R3600 as opposed to R4500)
Course Date 02 April 2019 (JHB)
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