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Madex 2018: Discover why AI is the next big thing

The biggest next marketing trend, besides consumer personalisation, will be AI, states BrightEdge. Statistics like a 450% increase since 2013 in jobs requiring AI and an estimated global, annual spending of $7.3bn by 2022 on AI in retail, support this. Despite this, many South African brands still shy away from incorporating this growing technology into their marketing landscapes. Jarred Trembath, Head of Content & Social Media at MediaCom South Africa, will be explaining why this is a crucial mistake and why AI is the next big thing at Madex, which is being held from 6-7 June in The Marketing Academy theatre, Johannesburg.
Jarred Trembath
According to ZDNet, back in the 1950s, the fathers of what we today call Artificial Intelligence (AI), Minsky and McCarthy, described AI as any task performed by a program or a machine that, if a human carried out the same activity, we would say the human had to apply intelligence to accomplish the task. That is a relatively broad definition, which is why you will sometimes see arguments over whether something is genuinely AI or not.

Today, sophisticated AI systems will typically demonstrate at least some of the following behaviours associated with human intelligence: planning, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, manipulation, and to a lesser extent, social intelligence and creativity.

Consequently, this technology is quickly becoming a tactic of forward-thinking brands for marketing and client service activities. Recently, Adobe reported that 47% of digitally mature organisations, which are those with advanced digital practices, have a defined AI strategy in 2018.

Get an experts insights on AI

Although many brands are starting to realise that the AI train is leaving and that if they don’t want to get left behind, they need to get on board, many still fear what they don’t understand.

Fortunately, Jarred Trembath, MediaCom South Africa’s Head of Content & Social Media is a speaker at Madex, the ultimate marketing, advertising, design and social media expo. He will be explaining why AI is the next big thing. His topic, “The next big thing: how AI is revolutionising the digital marketing landscape,” on 6 June from 11:40 – 12:00 in The Marketing Academy theatre at the Sandton Convention Centre at the expo. Jarred manages a team of 12 people and is responsible for the social media, community management and communication strategies of 27 global brands. Over the past two years, he has bagged eight digital marketing awards for his campaigns.

Madex is not your typical marketing event. The event promises to bring marketing to life through an interactive exhibition floor, curated expert content and a lot of networking opportunities. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, visit www.madex.co.za for more information.

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