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Not using video content in marketing in 2018 is a huge mistake - here's why

2018 will be the year when online marketing finally starts to use a lot of video content in the campaigns created. Marketers from all around realised the numerous advantages associated with using video content in marketing campaigns. The truth is that if you do not take advantage of the power of video, your competition will surely do. It is a huge mistake if you do not use video content, with the following main reasons why having to be highlighted.

Boosting sales and conversions

Video can generate a huge increase in profits for businesses in practically all niches. According to Aaron Leupp, CEO/Founder of Leupp Media:

“When you add product videos to landing pages conversions are increased by around 80%. Video leads to sales in a direct way while with other content you need to take a longer approach. Remember that vision is a dominant sense so you should take advantage of how the brain works to appeal to the wishes and needs of potential customers.”

You can even use free software to create animated videos for marketing campaigns. No matter what you choose, sales and conversions are automatically increased with video content.

Increased ROI for marketing campaigns

A recent survey interviewed business owners and highlighted that 83% of them say video offers a really good ROI for their marketing campaigns. This is definitely a surprise for many because video production can be quite expensive. However, on the long run the payoff is huge. At the same time, there are various online editing tools that are free or that are really cheap. These improve fast and are highly affordable right now. You can even use modern smartphones to create wonderful video content.

Keep in mind that videos do not need to be perfect in order to be effective. The important part is always the content that is included.

Video will build trust

The modern shopper needs to learn as much as possible about the product bought and the people behind it. What better way to show that than with good video content? Trust is vital for sales and conversions. Every single business tries to build trust, with this being the reason why content marketing is now so popular.

Video is going to quickly engage viewers and will ignite emotions. YouTubers are a great example of this since they have a really strong social media following and are preferred for brand promotion in various niches.

Videos are appreciated by Google

Although search crawlers cannot register what is presented in the video, adding such content on your pages is great for search engine optimisation. That is because people are going to spend more time on your website. Longer exposure is going to build trust signals and Google will see that the content on the page is good.


The bottom line is that you absolutely need to seriously consider using video content in online marketing campaigns. Smartphone users love them and sales generated through mobile phones is on the rise. A small initial investment can turn into huge profits, which is not the case with most strategies you could use right now.

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Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and
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