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Five types of reusable bags you can use in promoting your business

When it comes to promoting your business, there are countless ways you can go about it. Since the goal is to reach out to potential customers and make them aware of the brand, digital marketing, radio/TV ads, paid posts and likes readily come to mind.
While these methods of promoting one’s business work effectively well, have you ever considered the use of bags to promote your business?

If you’re the type that steps out every now and then to grab a few things at the store or mall, take a look at the bags you used to carry most of the items you bought – if you still have them. You’ll notice that most of them are branded, carrying one logo/brand name or the other.

You know how many people also have those same bags in their homes? Branded reusable bags are one of the most underrated yet highly effective ways of promoting your business. If you haven’t started to use them in your business, you can start now.

But before you start, what types of reusable bags are there that can be used?

1. Reusable paper bags

Paper bags, although often used by specialty and non-grocery stores, are recyclable and made from a renewable source. This is really important especially as the world is trying to go green and reduce the environmental impacts of using plastic bags.

Reusable paper bags are biodegradable and are less persistent as litter in the environment. Another good reason to these paper bags is the advantage of good colour printing. What this means is that you can get the opportunity to put your brand design and logo on them all you want, in whatever style you want.

Because it’s paper, they lose strength and tear when wet. This can stop reusability but doesn’t mean that it isn’t a possibility that should be considered when considering reusable bags that can be used.

2. Reusable tote bags

Tote bags are trendy and fun to carry – and to grocery-shop. And they last very long – thanks to their sturdy materials.

Women love it. But it gets more appealing – especially to the environmental conscious customer – when it’s made of recycled materials.

Want to position your brand as eco-friendly and win the hearts of more customers? Then try using custom reusable tote bags to promote your brand. Give it to those women that’ll carry it around like your own mobile mini billboards.

3. Reusable cotton bags

These bags are the most common bags and are made with biodegradable/natural-fibres which may include traditional cotton, organic cotton or recycled cotton bags.

Although these bags are not moisture resistant and need to be washed regularly, they are strong and durable, have soft fabric and can be machine-washed in cold water.

4. Reusable Nylon Bags

Because nylon is strong and durable, and water-resistant, this kind of bags is another good option when looking for bags to use in promoting your business.

Its lightweight material and the fact that it can be dyed with any colour gives a business owner the freedom to use it in as many ways as possible.

5. Reusable Plastic Bag

This kind of bag is durable and has an eco-friendly fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and containers. This means that this type of bag reduces waste and conserves a non-renewable resource.

What this means for you and your business is that you get a strong bag which can be used as many times as possible. This kind of bag branded with your business name means one thing: more exposure for you and your business.

Start using any of these reusable bags to enjoy greener and more publicity for you and your brand.

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