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Making a difference where it counts

With all the hard work that we do for big brands like Bosch and Krispy Kreme, it can be easy to forget that charity work is just as satisfying. We recently got involved with a charity organisation called Trojans Neurological Trust - or TNT for short - and helped them out with a new website and some social media management.
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Trojans Neurological Trust was founded in 2007 when biokineticist Justin Jeffrey saw that there was a desperate need for people who had suffered traumatic and acquired brain injuries to receive high quality yet affordable physical rehabilitation. Unfortunately rehabilitating from these injuries can be costly, and often only those who are on the highest tier of their respective medical aids can afford treatment. Trojan’s Neurological Trust provides these individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries with the treatment that they need and deserve.

To raise funds for rehabilitation, TNT puts together teams of volunteers and donors who participate in cycle races, along with people who have suffered brain injuries in chariot style bicycles. Getting these chariots moving is a team effort, requiring members to both push and pull while cycling.

We resonated with TNT because their aim is to help people who have setbacks in reaching their goal and fulfilling their potential, and because they use teamwork to make their dream work.

We helped TNT out by building a website for them. This site needed to raise awareness about the work that TNT does and get the word out there about the charity. It also needed to act as a place where people could sign up to volunteer or donate. We came up with the copy line “Push. Pull. Pledge” in order to tell people exactly how they can support TNT in just three words that encapsulate the activities they can partake in. We hope that this copy can live on as an integral part of TNT’s future fundraising and awareness campaigns.

On top this, we helped with Facebook management and content, to further raise awareness and drive volunteering through social media channels. This will be an ongoing service that we provide for TNT pro bono so that we can grow an audience and create a buzz around their fundraising efforts.

Doing charity work is often just as rewarding, and sometimes even more so, as work that you’re getting paid for. Have a look at the TNT website at and get involved in any way you can.

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