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Video killed the radio star

At Blue Moon, the work we love to create is always either audio or visual - and, very often, both. So we were delighted to discover that 27 October is World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. (Yes, it really is.)

“Audiovisual documents, such as films, radio and television programmes, are our common heritage and contain the primary records of the 20th and 21st centuries. They help to maintain the cultural identity of a people.” – The UN

We asked one of our AV partners, Heather Taylor-Waldron of The Divas, to share her thoughts on trends and developments in this sphere…

“Can’t we just shoot it on cellphone?”

Usually, I have an almost allergic reaction when someone says this. Then I saw this link.
And I knew the landscape had changed forever.

Not only was it filmed on the iPhone 5s, with every accessory a camera would usually have, but it was also edit-assembled on an iPad air – in a car.

By no means an inexpensive exercise, the commercial combined the beauty of film language – the styling is worthy of a Tom Ford-directed film – with an accessible format, to perfectly integrate the messaging.

“A ballet of drones”

The use of drones is further evidence of how technology is expanding the video medium. It adds a unique perspective to capturing landscapes and buildings. It adds tremendous production value, compared to conventional helicopter shots. A team well versed in the safety challenges involved in putting a drone in the air is essential when using this medium.

Sometimes, beyond capturing the aerial footage, the drones become part of the imagery itself. Intel Corporation, a multinational technology company, recently staged an event that synchronised 100 drones to a live orchestra.

Watch the making of this awesome experience.

“Crashing the Oscars”

And then you get the whimsical weirdness of VLOGGER, Casey Neistat, who started out as a garage YouTube Video blogger ranting about the lack of respect for cyclists and bike lanes in NYC, and then went on to make a Nike commercial, and was invited to V-log this year’s Oscars.

He swears by his Canon 70D and Go Pro, and has a home studio set up to get his v-logs out within hours of shooting. Like the drones, he’s gone from covering an event to being part of it.

“Maak ’n plan”

In a recent AV job, we wanted to create the effect of a steadicam, but our budget didn’t stretch to full steadicam and kit… so we came up with the idea of using the DJI Osmo to create the effect. It involved using a Go-pro on a steadicam stick and the cameraman’s cellphone as a monitor…

“Roll titles”

These are just some of the trends and approaches in audiovisual communication, currently. It can be an overwhelming landscape, and the technology can distract from or even overpower the message, if not used appropriately.

We love to partner with our clients, to get it right.

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