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SiD Secure EFT doubles its merchant signups and goes live with faster, slicker platform

DPO South Africa's SiD Secure EFT has released its new platform sporting a slick new user interface and performing up to 82% faster than previous iterations. The improvements will benefit SiD's growing network of merchants - which has more than doubled year-on-year.
SiD Secure EFT doubles its merchant signups and goes live with faster, slicker platform
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“We are exceedingly pleased with the results of the team’s work over the last few months. The new platform is delivering significantly better speeds across all the banks. The new interface, designed with the help of a specialist UX team, also offers a far superior user experience, lowering cart abandonment and delivering an overall checkout experience that will delight customers,” says Peter Harvey, MD of DPO South Africa.

SiD Secure EFT’s user base has shown solid growth over the last year with new merchant sign-ups increasing by 128% in the first half of 2021 when compared to the same period the previous year.

In addition to these improvements, the SiD Secure EFT service is now available to customers of Tyme Bank. The team is also in the process of adding Bidvest Bank and African Bank, making SiD more accessible, regardless of where customers bank.

SiD Secure EFT has been working with local merchants to offer online payments since 2007 and Harvey says the platform has gone through constant innovation since its inception.

SiD Secure EFT doubles its merchant signups and goes live with faster, slicker platform
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“We are particularly pleased with the speed levels our new platform is able to support without needing to resort to tokenisation. This allows us to offer customers a comparable transactional experience when compared to other online payment methods, SiD will remain true to its commitment that it will never store users’ details,” says Harvey.

According to Harvey, offering as many payment options as possible is a big part of the online customer experience.

“In many instances, not having a payment method that your customers are comfortable with can impact your conversion rate. Adding SiD Secure EFT is a quick and easy way for merchants to deliver a superior customer experience and, in many cases, differentiate themselves from their competitors,” Harvey explains.

More than just great customer experience, Harvey also points out that for those customers who don’t want to use their cards online, choosing a website which offers instant EFT is a must.

“We have seen that shoppers prefer to use SiD Secure EFT for big-ticket items like flights, as well as for event ticketing and even gaming. Our merchants understand that this is a way for customers who choose not to use their cards online to still participate in today’s growing digital experience,” Harvey concludes.

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