Silva 5 Pets - How the online pet store started its journey

New kids on the block Silva 5 Pets, an online pet accessory and wellness shop, has officially launched! Founder and CEO Christina da Silva explains the functions and features of the site and the products sold in this detailed Q&A.
1. How did Silva 5 Pets start?

Officially we launched in 2019, but I’ve had the idea since 2017, with the inspiration to start Silva 5 Pets being my own pets. Playtime is essential for a pet's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and I have seen the benefits with my own fur babies. I wanted to create a store to sell quality toys and lifestyle products so that other pet owners could be part of their pet’s playtime and wellbeing, and besides, playing with your pets is good for humans too!

2. What does Silva 5 Pets sell?

Silva 5 Pets sells dog food, dog toys, cat toys, health and wellness products, grooming products, collars, leashes and harnesses and pet clothing – and our product catalogue is always expanding with new products.

3. How do your products benefit pets and pet owners?

Products such as toys provide opportunities for pets to get active, while different toys help with mental stimulation. Pet owners can also bond with their pet when playing with certain toys.

4. What is the schedule and save option?

Customers can take out a three-month or six-month subscription for dog food, at discounted prices, and it will be delivered to their door every month for the duration of the subscription. The subscription can also be cancelled at any time.

5. How do customers order from Silva 5 Pets?

Our customers purchase their products via our online store and pay via credit/debit card, or they can place their order via the online store, select the click & collect option and then pay upon collection of their order.

6. How do the products provided by Silva 5 Pets add to the overall wellness of pets?

They help pets entertain themselves and ease periods of boredom, providing mental stimulation as well as exercise. Some of the health & wellness products such as supplements for joint and cartilage help with pain and mobility issues and improve the pet’s quality of life.

7. Most popular item?

Dog toys and dog treats/snacks are our most popular items at the moment.

8. Are there any emerging trends regarding pet accessories that you can see?

In general, humanisation of pets is an emerging trend that sees people trying to provide their pets with human-like products or experiences.

9. Who shops for accessories more, cat or dog owners?

Dog owners make up most of our customers.

10. Do you have any unusual requests for ‘other’ types of pets? (E.g. exotic pets+)

I don’t know if it is so unusual, but someone did ask for products for a hedgehog.

11. Where can pet owners find you?

Email address:
Contact number: 074 725 7180.

Silva 5 Pets' press office

Silva 5 Pets Silva 5 Pets was created with the aim of supplying quality and stylish pet accessories and supplies for pets. Silva 5 Pets is situated in the South of Johannesburg but delivers country wide.