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3 things we don't talk about when it comes to funerals

The day after the funeral is one of the most difficult days to face. Adapting to a life where a loved one no longer exists can be traumatic and difficult. This is more so when they were the financial support that kept things afloat. Looking beyond the funeral day is something that can be overlooked and make the grief process harder than it needs to be. Here are three things that are not often spoken about that need to be considered when planning a funeral.
3 things we don't talk about when it comes to funerals
The grief process differs for everyone

Most people like to think of the grieving process as linear but, in reality, it is cyclical. It is not clear-cut and can differ from person to person. One moment you are embracing the loss of a loved one and finding ways to accept it and move on - the next moment it hits you like a ton of bricks when you see something that reminds you of your loved one.

For some it may take a few months to grapple with the loss of a loved one, others may take years. It is important to remember that we all deal with grief differently. Knowing how to support someone who is grieving beyond the week of the funeral when they need it the most can be helpful. However, it is also advised to seek psychological help from an accredited psychologist. You can contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group for free counselling to get you started.

Planning for the future

Funeral policies in South Africa are fairly affordable starting at R40 to R149 or more based on the cover amount. Funeral covers are a great way to protect your loved ones from the unexpected costs that come with having to plan a funeral, giving them enough time to focus on grieving instead of stressing over the financial aspects.

However, it is crucial to plan for the days beyond the funeral where life continues. Who will handle the financial aspects that were taken care of by a loved one who has passed? Are there any financial safety nets that can come in handy during this time such as emergency savings, investments or life insurance? Thinking ahead can give many families the breathing room they need to find their feet knowing that they are financially secure during such a difficult time.

Protecting the things that matter to you

Death is a stark contrast to life and how we need to focus on more positive aspects of life such as leaving a legacy. Leaving a lasting legacy is not always summed up in how much money or assets we leave behind, but it can be found in the way we pass on things such as financial literacy, love and the appreciation of life as a whole. Always remember that legacies are never built overnight, but through the things we value and how we use those as a stepping stone to love and protect those we love.

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