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E&T Minerals puts communities first

South African commodity brokerage and trading house E&T Minerals, synonymous for being one of the few youth Black-owned organisations in its industry, has been a driver of employment growth and community development during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the devastating impact of the pandemic, the youth-driven coal company has successfully managed to retain all employees at their same salary while promoting a culture of social entrepreneurship amongst their employees with 90% of their staff being Black and 80% being under the youth category. Additionally, E&T Minerals has prioritised supporting local businesses outside its direct employees.

E&T Minerals: A Black-owned energy and trading company empowering Africa's youth

Meet Emmanuel Ngulube and Daniel Eyre: Africa's Future trading and mining leaders and founders of E&T Minerals...

Issued by E&T Minerals 18 Sep 2020

This reputable company raised R20m for two local mines, which resulted in the increase of employment for locals while assisting surrounding community needs and funding university studies for high-performing students.

E&T Minerals is the brainchild of two 29-year-old businessmen, Emmanuel Ngulube and Daniel Eyre who have a passion and aim to build a strong and sustainable global business that will strengthen the country's economy and grant endless opportunities to communities.

E&T Minerals
E&T Minerals is a South African based commodity brokerage and trading house founded in 2013. The trading house, specializing in coal products.



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