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The ABC of dentistry, a non-invasive and fast solution for perfect teeth

Many adults want their smiles to look better, but they don't want to spend their valuable time undergoing dated orthodontic treatments or don't want to undergo more invasive procedures to achieve the results they want.
The ABC of dentistry, a non-invasive and fast solution for perfect teeth

Getting your best smile is as easy as ABC, and you don’t actually need to have invasive surgery.

“It’s crazy in 2023 that people would still consider drilling away their own natural enamel to correct a cosmetic issue with crowns or veneers when modern dentistry offers so much more. It’s like getting knee replacement when physiotherapy would do just as well.”

- Dr. Clifford Yudelman

Our ABC approach

ABC is a combination of minimally invasive treatments that result in a great outcome. You can pick and choose whichever combination suits your needs best. It includes:

A – Align the anterior (front) teeth. We use Invisalign Clear Aligners
B – Bleaching, otherwise known as teeth whitening.
C – Composite bonding to correct any wear or variations in size, shape or colour of the newly aligned teeth.

The ABC approach is a progressive strategy to smile design allowing for a minimally invasive treatment plan to be used and, at the same time, meeting the needs of the patient’s aesthetic demands. This replaces the need for crowns or veneers, which requires drilling away good enamel from your teeth.


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About OptiSmile

OptiSmile proudly offers its patients the latest dental technology and procedures. Whether you’re looking for professional service, a simple cleaning or something more complex, we can help. We specialise in everything from teeth whitening to dental implants, and we always put our patients’ needs first. OptiSmile is the premier multi-speciality cosmetic practice of this kind in Cape Town. We are not an emporium or group of individual dentists sharing space. Instead, we are one united team of professional dentists and hygienists who work to achieve the best oral health and smile for you.

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