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How OptiSmile eases patients' dental phobia

Our dental professionals at OptiSmile know well that dental anxiety can prevent otherwise diligent and rational people from maintaining a healthy smile. According to this Adult Dental Health Survey, dental fear affects 36% of the population with a further 12% suffering from extreme dental fear. We can't overstate the importance of oral hygiene to your general health.
How OptiSmile eases patients' dental phobia

Below are a few common causes of dental phobia and some ways the team at OptiSmile are working to make visiting the dentist a more comfortable experience.

An explanation of dental phobias and how OptiSmile addresses them.

Fear of pain

Although most dental procedures are painless, many people experience dental anxiety because of a fear of pain. One of the biggest causes of dental phobia is the dreaded injection. Something most patients don’t know is that your skin being pierced is not the cause of that stinging sensation. That’s caused by the anaesthetic being administered too quickly. To combat this, OptiSmile uses the Numbing Wand. A computer-assisted dental injection that ensures your comfort by controlling the flow rate of local anaesthetic.

A sensory overload

Whether it's the whirr of a rotary dental tool or the scraping of plaque from the tooth's surface. The dentist presents sights and sounds that many people would rather skip. An advantage of a OptiSmile, a Cape Town dentist, is that their office overlooks the Atlantic Seaboard, allowing anxious patients to relax in a more comfortable environment. For patients who suffer from dentophobia, OptiSmile offers conscious sedation to help ease the stress and make sure you have as comfortable of an experience as possible.

"Oral sedation with Xanor or Dormicum relieves most severe anxiety. It's safe and simple. Your dentist at OptiSmile is an expert and will advise and prescribe exactly what you need. If you prefer to be treated under "twilight sleep" or conscious sedation, we proudly work hand in hand with several of the most talented and experienced dental anaesthetists in the region." - Dr. Clifford Yudelman

Past unpleasant experiences

A nasty experience in the dental chair is enough to discourage many would-be patients.

Committed to helping patients overcome anxiety, OptiSmile builds trust and uses techniques designed to reduce stress. At OptiSmile, they guarantee fillings against decay, misfitting, or breakage. And with the latest dental technology, OptiSmile can complete procedures faster and help you spend less time in the dentist's chair.

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