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Do you need a Customer Data Platform?

2022 was a challenging year. War, inflation, cost of living, strikes, climate crises, and ... the list continues. For me, I am thankful for work. Something I can use to focus my attention and block out the negative rhetoric around me.
Do you need a Customer Data Platform?

Last year we implemented a Customer Data Platform for one of our clients. It was a super fun project. The team were eager, interested, and excited. All the ingredients needed to reach success and have fun doing it!

“CDP solutions will help businesses provide that next level customer engagement we have been waiting for”

- Stuart Ormiston, chief technology officer

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software system that is designed to collect, store, and manage customer data from a variety of sources in a centralised location. The goal of a CDP is to provide a single, comprehensive view of each customer, allowing businesses to better understand and engage with their customers.

A CDP can help businesses to:

  • Consolidate customer data from multiple sources, such as web analytics tools, CRM systems, and marketing automation platforms, into a single customer profile
  • Analyse customer data to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and needs
  • Segment customers into different groups based on shared characteristics, such as demographic information or purchase history.
  • Personalise marketing and customer experience efforts based on customer data
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing and customer experience efforts

Do you need a Customer Data Platform?

CDPs are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to improve their customer understanding and engagement. They can be especially useful for businesses that have many customers and a need to manage customer data from multiple sources.

The business value CDPs provide can vary widely. Some companies can implement CDPs and use them effectively to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and needs, and to personalise marketing and customer experience efforts. Others struggle to get value from their CDPs due to various challenges, such as difficulties in integrating data from multiple sources, managing, and maintaining data over time, or effectively using the insights gained from the CDP.

There are several factors that can influence a company's ability to get value from a CDP, including:

  • The quality and completeness of the data that is collected and stored in the CDP
  • The ability of the company to effectively analyse and use the data to gain insights
  • The level of expertise and resources that the company has in managing and using a CDP
  • The company's ability to effectively integrate the CDP into its overall marketing and customer experience strategy

Overall, companies that can effectively implement and use a CDP can achieve significant value in terms of improved customer understanding and engagement, but it is important for companies to carefully consider their specific needs and capabilities when deciding whether a CDP is the right solution for them.

Do you need a Customer Data Platform?

When choosing a CDP, it is important for companies to consider factors such as the types of data they want to collect and store, the sources of data they want to integrate, the level of customisation and flexibility they need, and the level of support and resources they have available for managing and using the CDP. It may also be helpful to compare the features and pricing of different CDPs to determine which one is the best fit for the company's needs.

I recommend that companies carefully research and evaluate the different CDP options available, and consider consulting with a CDP expert or professional to help determine the best CDP for their needs.

As a computer scientist with strong data engineering skills, with solid business acumen and, supported by a multi-dimensional team, I would be delighted in support you in identifying, implementation and enabling a CDP solution within your organisation.

About Stuart Ormiston

Stuart Ormiston is a technologist with a background in computer science and information systems. For his entire career, he has been supporting customers in enhancing their businesses using technology solutions like MAP, CRM and CDP. He is interested in CX, data, artificial intelligence, and crypto.
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