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How Hetzner's UX team integrates feedback

Hetzner has a dedicated UX team who actively seek out customer feedback. What does the UX team do once they've got that feedback?
Face-to-face user testing
Hetzner has a dedicated User Experience (UX) team who actively seek out customer feedback. These customers are included in the design process as early as possible to give them a voice. But what does the UX team do once they’ve got that feedback? We asked User Experience Specialist Vaughn Gunnell to give us some insight on how the team integrates feedback into their design process.

Redesigning konsoleH

At the time of creating the UX team, Hetzner had already committed to redesigning the konsoleH platform. This overhaul was necessary for a number of reasons:
  1. To introduce more secure user roles and permissions.
  2. To simplify and make ease-of-use one of our defining attributes.
  3. To include solutions aimed at value-added resellers.
In the past, we waited for customers to provide us with feedback. If enough people said the same thing, we would develop and release an improvement. Only after the update was released would we find out whether we (A) built the right thing, and (B) built the thing right. Our learning curve was lengthy and time-consuming: our most vocal customers became frustrated by how long it took for us to act on their feedback, especially when it wasn’t always in the way they had hoped.

A new way to learn

It was clear that Hetzner needed a much shorter and faster learning curve. To achieve this, the UX team now actively seeks customer feedback to assist in aligning our priorities with our customers’ needs. Once something is mocked up, the team tests a variety of designs with sample groups of customers before we commit to developing anything.

This is a far more direct approach because the various customer feedback channels go directly to the UX team. They analyse the data for patterns and trends, before sharing it with the various product teams to aid them in making better product decisions.

Remote user testing

The better and faster we get at doing this, the more value we’ll create for our customers. In the long run, we’ll move away from reacting to hindsight, and capitalise on foresight. With our customers – and their feedback – at the heart of the business, we’re committed to providing a platform that enables you to do your best work.

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