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    Simple things that will boost your customer experience

    Customer experience is one of the most important things to focus on today. When customers have a pleasant, positive experience as they interact with your business and your products or services, it is easier to boost their lifetime value, turn them into loyal customers, and also get your products recommended to other potential customers.

    There are many ways you can improve the customer experience you deliver. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the little things you can do to greatly influence the way your customers feel throughout their journey with your products and your business. Let’s get started, shall we?

    Understand the customers better

    With the help of a Customer Relationship Management solution or one of the other tools available to your business, you can start taking real steps towards understanding your customers better. This is a crucial part of enhancing the customer experience. By getting to know your customers better, you can start fine-tuning the customer experience on a more personal level.

    There is no shortage of ways to implement this too. Lavu Point of Sale adds a way to keep track of customer preferences as part of the company’s winery point of sale system. As a result, wineries that use Lavu’s POS system can now deliver a personalised customer experience; customers will feel as if the winery knows them and their wine preferences, creating a sense of appreciation in the process.

    Keeping track of past orders and tailoring recommendations or promotional offers based on the information is another great way to understand customers better and deliver a personalized experience. Instead of broadcasting the same promotional offer to everyone, you now have the ability to offer freebies or discounts on the products that each customer actually loves.

    Go the extra mile

    The customer journey doesn’t end with them making a purchase. Their experience with your products and the kind of aftersales experience they get also matters. When it comes to improving the customer experience of your business, going the extra mile in providing good customer support is a must.

    There are many ways you can turn issues customers have with your products into immense opportunities. When a customer is not happy with a product of yours, you need to react quickly and provide a meaningful solution to the issue. The positive customer support experience will be a great investment in the customer’s loyalty.

    Like delivering a personalised experience, you can also take customer support a step further by listening to the input you receive from the customers and incorporating those inputs when developing new products or refining existing ones. Customers always love it when their ideas get implemented in actual product improvement or the creation of a new product.

    Reward loyalty

    One last strategy we are going to cover in this article is rewarding loyalty. Loyalty programs that are tailored and highly personalised are the best, because they reward loyal customers. The more you show appreciation to them, the more loyal they will be in return.

    A good loyalty program doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t need to be apparent or too engaging; there is no need to issue a loyalty or member card just to show that you have a loyalty program in place for your customers.

    It is actually better to surprise customers every now and then. Keep track of the customers’ purchases and other activities, and then reward them for hitting certain milestones. Surprise rewards create bigger impacts in general.

    As you can see, these simple things can have a big impact on customer experience. In a market as competitive as it is today, taking extra steps to fine-tune the customers’ experience is exactly what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition.

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