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Labspace Africa: Supporting biotech start-ups and independent scientists

Labspace Africa is a private enterprise that provides South African researchers access to facilities. Utilisable facilities include study space, long-term sample storage, and space in its climate-controlled units for stability testing.
Labspace Africa: Supporting biotech start-ups and independent scientists

Labspace Africa's objective is to reduce equipment prices, lab overheads, and operating expenses so that research can be conducted more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Labspace operates its analytical chemistry operations. It provides laboratory and office space for industry, academic, and private researchers, as well as access to all of our analytical and general analytical equipment, which may be utilised from sample generation to report production.

Labspace Africa: Supporting biotech start-ups and independent scientists

Why choose Labspace Africa?

New equipment procurement is an expensive and risky endeavor for laboratories in the private sector. For analytical equipment, Labspace Africa has partnered with industry players. As a result, equipment is accessible with the necessary analytical support at our Midrand facilities.

However, the equipment can also be placed on lease at our client's facility for a specific project, ensuring that our partners' budgets are not wasted on instruments that they only occasionally or once used. After a project's conclusion, copies of maintenance records will be accessible, and all equipment will be maintained and repaired by qualified personnel.

Axiology Labs and Labspace Africa have strategic cooperation. Axiology Labs will manage consumable storage facilities at all of our laboratories. As a result, things in stock will be delivered within hours to our clients at our laboratories, avoiding the costly obligation of maintaining stock.

Those who register with Labspace Africa will be invited to training seminars on the specific technologies in our units or regulatory guidelines such as GCP, GLP, GCLP, GMP, ISO15189, ISO17025, and ISO13485. The training will be offered by industry professionals and individuals who are registered with regulatory agencies.

Among the services:

Labspace Africa: Supporting biotech start-ups and independent scientists

Labspace Africa utilises laboratory specialists in various sectors to provide a comprehensive service to all its customers.

  • We are evaluating and monitoring the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in pharmaceutical products with UHPLC, LC-MS, and FTIR;
  • Evaluate the stability of APIs and pharmaceutical formulations;
  • Climatic chambers for the temperature evaluation of pharmaceutical items and auxiliary medicines;
  • Microbial testing (plating and screening for pathogens in pharmaceutical end-product food samples.
  • Biobanking
  • Biological sample processing (liquid-liquid, solid phase extraction or precipitation)
  • Method development and verification
  • Support for quality management systems (ISO/IEC 13485; ISO/IEC 15189; ISO/IEC 17025; and GCLP)
  • Mock reviews

About Labspace Africa

Labspace Africa forges partnerships with clients by providing customised Art Laboratory Facility techniques.

Labspace Africa seeks to provide a one-stop solution for those needing a laboratory, whether they require space, analysis, equipment, or guidance.

Contact Us

Email: acirfa.ecapSbal@ofni
Phone: 010 591 2727
998 16th Street,
Randjespark, Midrand,

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