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The better your portfolio, the better the job

Trying to get a foot in the door to your first creative job? Or, thinking of moving on from the job you have now? Then you need Spadework.
Why? It's quite simple really; the better your portfolio, the better the job. But putting a portfolio together can be a daunting task.

Do you know how to arrange your portfolio to tell a story about who you are and how you think? Can you select projects that show a range of media and subject matter while still emphasising your strongest work? Will you be able to professionally present, critique and defend the work in your portfolio?

Spadework will give you an honest, critical break-down of your portfolio. How it should be presented. How much and what kind of work should be in it. How to present it in the most effective way. How to select an agency or studio and how to get that dream job.

So don't leave it to chance. Take it to the experts. Let Spadework turn your portfolio into a powerful selling tool. Contact Harry now at 082 854 6606.

The better your portfolio,
The better the job.

@Work Advertising Recruitment's press office

@Work Advertising Recruitment
At Work Advertising Recruitment began operating in late 2000 and was officially launched on the 8th January 2001 and has permission from the Department of Labour to conduct a private employment office (Registration No. 3780). The company is wholly owned by Lynda Milligan.
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