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Digital Kungfu delivers 200% more leads than targeted for new division launching into market

As the newest branch in a business that has over 20 years' experience in the tech industry, First Technology Centurion was faced with a critical challenge: The team spearheading the new branch needed to make its presence known in the market as quickly and effectively as possible. It could leverage off the brand equity that First Technology Group had established over the past two decades, but ultimately, a sales-ready pipeline was needed to bring in revenue and lay the foundations for a successful new business unit.
“We approached Digital Kungfu to help us create awareness for the new branch and establish ourselves in the market for our region,” says Zaneta Viljoen, e-commerce manager, First Technology Centurion.

“We needed market qualified leads as well as a new website that differentiated us from First Technology Group, while also leveraging off the market presence that our parent company has built over 20 years.”

Creating market awareness that leads directly to sales

Digital Kungfu launched First Technology Centurion’s campaign with a story sprint designed to understand the business and, more specifically, it’s customers and their challenges. Based on this, a campaign was designed that could deliver on multiple needs, including addressing the need for market share, building brand awareness, generating traffic to First Technology Centurion’s new website and specific landing pages, building a social media presence and, finally, generating new business leads, particularly amongst companies that would benefit from Microsoft’s CSP offerings.

“Any campaign that captures leads ends up with a mix of people who are not yet ready to purchase a solution, but who want more information, as well as market-ready buyers,” says Viljoen. “We needed leads for companies we could work with regarding our specific solutions.

“Choosing the right target market was key, but so was getting our messaging right. With the correct message, we could attract buyers as well as people who would eventually become buyers with the right information and assistance.”

As a startup branch, a sales-ready pipeline that could be nurtured was essential as First Technology Centurion entered the market.

Delivering results

As a value-added information technology company that supplies and implements hardware and software that are complemented by the provision of associated support services and solutions, First Technology has a very specific message, and it was important to get this right.

“Working with Digital Kungfu was incredible from the people to the finished project,” says Viljoen. “The team was always available to assist and give training regarding the website,” she adds.

Working with First Technology’s solutions and key messaging, Digital Kungfu’s content and production team managed the campaign end-to-end, from Google display banner campaign management to LinkedIn Lead Magnet campaign management.

As a result, the First Technology Centurion campaign performed well above the initial target set. Over the period of 4 weeks, 26 performance assets were scheduled, generating 805,000 impressions in total, a huge push to drive traffic to the landing page and introduce First Technology Centurion to the market.

The campaign’s target was 50 Market Qualified Leads. Instead, with focused effort and monitoring, 117 MQLs were achieved, giving First Technology Centurion the boost it needed to launch successfully into the market.