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Gen Z: How is business responding to a generation who prefers loyalty to novelty?

There are new kids on the block. Gen Z looks beyond instant gratifications and 'dream jobs' to stability and loyalty. Julian Diaz, Head of Marketing at Skynamo looks at how business needs to adjust to meet the needs and expectations of this new generation.
Julian Diaz

Gen Z’s changing buying habits

Looking at the Big Ideas that are shaping 2019 and beyond, business analyst Jill Schleshinger interestingly notes that Gen Z (those between 13 and 28 years olds) have buying habits reminiscent of that of the children of the Great Depression.

This is something worth taking note of. Why? During 2019, Gen Z will surpass Millennials and become the largest ‘generation’ in the world, making up 32% of the global population. Starting this year, gen Z’s values and preferences will shape market demand, no longer those of the Millennials.

These kids and young adults have seen their parents get retrenched, lose homes and experienced other life changing things due to the recent global financial crisis. Uncertainty shaped their lives more than it did those of the two previous generations. The result is that perspectives on work, money, buying and investing more closely resemble that of their great grandparents – children of the Great Depression – than other subsequent generations.

Gen Z’ers value security above fulfillment and therefore invest in loyalty before novelty. They prefer buying from people and brands they trust to simply buying from whomever sells the best experience.

Loyalty is back on the agenda

Living with a real sense of how uncertain the future is and how fragile financial and political structures are, Gen Z’ers understand their dependence on relational loyalty.

Pranam Lipinski, co-founder of Door of Clubs, which encourages and supports campus clubs as vehicles which can successfully create and support future leaders, surveyed thousands of Gen Z students about their values and preferences. The research concluded that they prefer ‘success and financial stability over that dream job’ and they are ‘far more likely to remain loyal to an employer that provides a stable environment and benefits’ than the older millenials.

How to cultivate trust and stability at work

There is a shift to buying from people you know and trust and the need for a stable working environment through which to grow a successful career. This will require that businesses mirror the shift in their sales and marketing activities as well.

Our mobile sales app can support this as it is designed to change the sales conversation by creating more transparent and stable working environments, leading to more trust between sales teams and managers, and sales people and their customers.

We have seen some of these culture changes at our clients – both within the sales teams, and with customers.

Greater transparency improves relationships

Jannic Zietsman, a regional sales manager at Lionel’s Vet Supplies, talks about the radical culture shift their sales team has undergone because of the transparency brought about by the Skynamo mobile app.

‘What I value most about Skynamo is the fact that all information is always fully available to everyone at once. The app brings more transparency to our sales team and company.’

Employees can at times be understandably hesitant to admit to managers when they’re unsure about things which is not great for team dynamics and can easily result in environments of fear and dishonesty. However, as Zietsman continues to share, ‘I’m now able to initiate these conversations and help my reps get back on track again. I can be much more proactive as a sales manager and lead the difficult discussions, which is to my reps’ benefit. Our conversations are so much more fruitful.’

As social needs shift from novelty to stability and loyalty in business is valued over impersonal transactions, our sales app helps businesses adapt to a new generation of consumers and employees.

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Founded in 2012 in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Skynamo (formerly Honeybee), offers a mobile app and cloud-based software for field sales reps and their managers. Skynamo is used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of products with reps in the field who visit, sell to and service customers on a regular basis.